Reader Contribution: John Locke, Part 2

Keeping with the lycra theme, he stayed in the singlet, but then found himself in a lycra sleepsack.  (This particular model was purchased on eBay, and I don’t think the vendor is currently selling them.  Pity, it’s the best of it’s kind I’ve found so far.)  The slave’s arms were left his arms free within the tube, but because of the singlet, he still couldn’t quite get to his cock.  The gag is a double duty gag.  We experimented with its intended use at that point, but not for long.  It was going to be returned to later, as you’ll see.

The flash of red is from the singlet he was still wearing.

But the Master was growing impatient, and really wanted at his slave’s feet.  The slave was ordered out of the sleepsack and singlet, and was just in his underwear.  He then found himself spreadeagled on the bed, his arms outstretched, but his legs free.  The Master placed himself in front of his feet and propped them up on his chest.  Sadly, because he had waited so long, some of the odor had dissipated a bit.  But that was the only disappointment.  The slave had never had his feet sucked before, and it was discovered that putting his toes in my mouth makes him extremely ticklish.

Of course, he had to get his pretty little feet tied up.  Didn’t want them squirming away from me.

After indulging in all the foot play, it was time to put him back into something more restrictive.  Using the lace up bondage sleeves, rope was wound between them to lace them up, and a ball gag was put in his mouth.  Then he had to endure Waternberg wheels (and yes, that’s plural) being run all over his exposed body, while he found his throbbing cock being grabbed from underneath.  We actually had to slow down a bit, as it seemed he may cum.

Enough was enough.  It was time torment this boi into begging to cum.  He was placed inside a neoprene sleepsack, underwear still on.  Leather blindfold in place, the double duty gag was reinserted, and a Hitachi Magic Wand was brought out.  Talk about a boi moaning.   Had to go easy on the teasing, he was ready to cum any second!

But not until the Master had just as much fun.  The slave found himself straddled by his Master, who then put himself into the second half of the gag.  This was he could stare and moan right into the eyes of his slave as he found his cock being rubbed and teased by the wand.  It had been set on low the entire time, because the slave was moaning so much.  He repeatedly asked permission to cum, but I denied him each time, creating further moans of despair.  He was finally told he couldn’t cum until he heard the wand switch to the higher setting.  Of course, plenty of time was still taken in the low setting, before finally switching to high.  And the slave shot his load with both he and his Master gagged and staring right at each other.

Hope you enjoyed as much as John Locke did!  I have a feeling it may not be the last we hear of him… I know he’s been on many further adventures before and since.  Slaves tend to be such little sluts, you know…

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