TFG: "I’m a bit tied up right now" background

So about a week or so ago, I posted these pics of myself tied up.

So, to elaborate a bit… my BF has been researching the instructional bondage videos at Bound Jocks.  And he needs a model to practice on.  Very convenient for me, right?  Even if I am working on my computer at the time.

That doesn’t really matter to my BF, though.  (It doesn’t hurt that we’ve discussed that “kidnapping” me at my computer is acceptable to me unless I have a sincere protest, because 9 times out of 10, I’m just researching kinky things to put on this blog.)  So he not only began his ties, but he took pictures and ordered me to post them then and there.  Which I did… that was real time, folks.  Or as close as I can get sort of a webcam.  Of course, I had to do all the work still tied, which is why he did leave a bit of play with my hands.

What you don’t know is that he also gagged me with a rope gagged at the time.  He didn’t want the pic posted at the time, but I’m presenting it now. 

I’m also adding that after all these pics were taken, he bound my hands even tighter to my chest.

At this point, my time on the computer was over.  He spun me around in my chair, dropped his pants, grabbed my head, and forced me to blow him.  Before long, he grabbed a glass from the kitchen.  When he shot his load, he came right into the glass.  He swilled it around, and then poured it down my throat.

Now, we don’t have any further pics, but in short, he did want me to cum.  He untied me, lead me to the bed room, put a ballgag on me and then a gasmask.  He knows that I keep a small stockpile of my smelliest socks in a locked plastic box.  There are 3 pairs in there, and each probably hasn’t been washed in at least 6-8 months, if not more.  Just opening the box is a pungent experience.  So he took one of the smelliest pairs and attached it right to the end of the hose.  Being gagged, I was forced to breathe in every overpowering, noxious fume.  He instructed me to begin jerking myself off, and when I did finally shot, it hit up to my shoulder.  That’s impressive for me, as I usually don’t shoot distances.  So I guess we both had a good time.

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