TFG: My turn to Dom

I’ve mentioned before that my BF isn’t all that much into slave play.  And to be perfectly honest, when we do have sex, I’m the sub nearly 95% of the time.  Which I sometimes feel bad about, because he’s told me that he’s personally about 60/40 Dom/Sub.  So that means he’s often missing 40% of what turns him on.

The reasons I don’t Dom him more is:

  1. I’m often not in the mood to Dom
  2. My BF’s bondage work is pretty good already
  3. My own rope work is not all that great, which makes the prospect of me tying him up a bit intimidating
  4. He’s not into extreme humiliation as a slave, which is what I enjoy most as a Dom

However, every once in a while, I get over all this, and just decide to Dom him regardless.  Last night was one of those nights.

I have to confess, these moods creep up on me a bit more after I’ve done some online Dom play.  So I suppose I have to credit that a bit for giving me the courage.  And while I know it’s only online, I think I’m becoming pretty good at that aspect of things.  So I think I’m getting a bit more anxious to try out more real life Domming, even if he isn’t into the humiliation aspect.  He doesn’t like doing tasks, but he does enjoy a bit of servitude.

So I put on my body harness and black 2xist trunk underwear, put the collar and leash on him, told my BF to kneel in front of me.  His mouth worked over my bulging pouch for a number of minutes.  I pulled him up a bit (although still on his knees), and his mouth was able to reach my nipples for a taste.

Me in Dom mode.  Okay, that harness can be used on slaves, too.  To each their own.  BTW, this is an old pic, and I’m in UA, not the 2xist trunks.  But you get the idea.

After a while, I tugged at his leash and lead him to his home office.  I sat in his chair, and told him to continue using his mouth on my package.  I know he loves to suck my dick, and I asked him if he’d like to.  He said yes.  But I told him he’d have to earn it and beg for it.  He’d earn it by first sucking on my balls.  Have I mentioned I love getting my balls sucked?  And this was after two days in chastity.  Not terribly long, I know, but long enough for me, especially since I had been catching up on my kinky tumblr posts, and had been fairly horny all that time.

Once my balls were thoroughly mouth washed, I led him out of the office and to the bedroom.  I laid back on the edge of the bed, my legs dangling off the edges.  I placed him on the floor between my legs, and told him that while he hadn’t earned the privilege of sucking my cock, he may may kiss and lick it.  He did so lovingly, and after a lot of slobber and drool on his part, I ordered him on the bed.  I tied his hands above him, and then face fucked him.  I played with his nips (his weak spot) and jerked him a bit as he did so, and I told him that when he came, he was to do so with my cock in his mouth.

Well, as much as I demanded, he wasn’t able to in that position.*  So I untied him and had him jerk himself off while I laid next to him, continuing to abuse his nips mercilessly (as a bit of punishment for not following my orders).  I did instruct him to shoot his load on my cock, and that after he came, he’d be sucking it up to get me to cum.  That did the trick, and his load shot on my shaft and crotch.  He sucked some off, but there was still plenty on me, and I was enjoying the ball sucking from earlier, so I then had him use the remaining cum as lube to jerk me off, and to suck my balls as he did so.  There is something about seeing a guy’s face buried in my crotch as he jerks me off.  Even more so, he began (with my blessing) to lick the area between my balls and asshole.  Not sure why, but that is a very erotic spot to me… almost even more than the asshole and balls themselves.  After a few long, luscious laps down there, I shot a load.  A distance load.  Which, as discussed before, is fairly rare for me.  The first shot was like a bullet, right into my shoulder.  The rest, not as far, but it really pooled up.  And there’s nothing I like more than being covered in sperm.

*Unsexy real life spoiler alert:  there were two reasons for that.  One, the collar was cutting into his neck a bit.  Second, it was getting a bit late, he had to work the next day.  It sucks how real life intrudes sometimes, doesn’t it?

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