Day: August 20, 2012

Celebrity Mix

I know it’s old news by now, and most of you have seen these pics before, but I’m still smitten by Tom Daley.  And so happy for his performance in the Olympics!  Looking forward to seeing more from this bright young man…

Urrammmm, look at those soles.  Can he please press them against my face?

Snuck in one pic of his nearly equally, but not as often mentioned teammate, Chris Mears.  I suddenly have the urge to train as a diver in England.

Daniel Radcliffe.  Peek of toes, super sexy.

Jamie Bell grew up very nicely, didn’t he?

Jamie Bell

Ryan Reynolds, from a Green Lantern outtake. *licklick*

These pics are of real life twins Luke & Harry Treadaway, from a play titled Over There.  Bare feet, and a bit of gunge.

Last but not least, an actor who doesn’t seem to be afraid of bondage roles.

Rider Strong (from Guys in Trouble)