Day: August 29, 2012

Reader Contribution: Daemon 12 hour hogtie

I chat with a reader who’s had some very cool bondage play stories.  With his permission, I’m posting this story of his.  And with Daemon’s permission, I’m posting the pics he supplied of this event. 

Daemon and I had been chatting and talking on the phone and he mentioned something about long term bondage – either he or someone had been hog tied for several hours – and he mentioned he wanted to be hog tied for 12 hours. It was occasionally mentioned in conversations after that and when he next visited me (for several days) we did a lot of tying. He got tied every which way and was enjoying them. One day I was putting him into a nice secure but comfortable hog-tie and had him pretty well all roped up – wrists, arms, ankles, knees all tied and I was putting the finishing touch on the ropes – the feet pulled up to the hands. As I was pulling them up close I calmly mentioned to him “Remember that 12 hour hog-tie you wanted?”. His reaction was immediate and so much fun – instant struggling . I finished the hog-tie, forced a gag and a lightweight leather hood on him and told him the clock had started and it was now going to be 13 and a half hours before he was released. The extra hour and a half came as “punishment” for various comments he had made in our conversations (jokingly for sure). The extra 5 minutes was to make sure the full time was reached.

  The ropes all stayed on the entire time but the hood and gag came off and went back on occasionally. I made sure he was hydrated by giving him OJ through a straw and at one point he was given cake and ice cream. As for an “out” he did have one (I am not THAT cruel). At the time he sported some scruffy looking fuzz on his chin which he claimed was part of his “personality” and I told him that at any time he wanted to be untied all he had to do was let me shave it off. He completed the full time although he was a bit stiff when untied.
  Doing a tie like that to someone is actually more difficult on the top than on the victim. I had to stay right there with him and constantly monitor him to make sure he was OK. I wound up napping on the floor next to him and he managed some little naps too. Occasionally he would try to escape but it was obvious early on that he was not going to.

After contacting Daemon for this story, he generously sent me a bevy of pics that he’s allowing me to post.  It’s going to take me a while to sort through them all and get them prepped for posting, but look forward to them in the future!