Month: September 2012

TFG Thoughts: Advertising on my Blog

A couple of weeks ago, Fossil9 posted about his thoughts on advertising in his blog.  It sort of got me to thinking about how I want to handle it on mine.

When I first started my blog, I know I was driven crazy by blogs that put ads up all over the place, and I knew it was something I wanted to avoid.

I still try to maintain that as much as I can.  Do I have some advertising now?  Sure.  But it’s also fairly easily avoidable if you don’t want to see or deal with it… I keep it in my sidebar at the left, and as a separate page.

I also only put vendors up that I have personally bought from.  And if you visit my Shopping page, I do give my personal pros, cons, and experiences of every site I link to.  I would never add a site for something I didn’t endorse, unless I disclose as such from the outset.  For example, I was recently contacted by a new company who was interested in sending me one of their adult products for free, provided I do a review/write up about it.  While this is still being worked out, if this does end up happening, you can be assured that I will mention that fact in my review, and that I will be honest in my review.

While I do often link to items I use on my blog to the websites I got them from, I personally see it as helpful, as I do get many questions about where and what sort of equipment I have.  This answers the question, and while it does take them to an external webpage, no one’s forced into buying the item.  That said, I can’t lie, I do get a bit of compensation should you purchase it from one of my links.  But to be totally honest, it doesn’t really happen all that often. 

I imagine most of you think I must be making a fair amount of money from this blog.  In fact, after having these ads up for nearly a year, I’ve yet to have any of them add up to a point where I actually got any sort of check, as a minimum amount has to be met before getting sent any compensation.  While the specific numbers vary from site to site, in general, I’d get 10% of a sale if you purchase something through my ads.  However, if someone buys a single item for $54.90, the website is not going to write a check for a measly $5.49.  They’re going to wait until the total earnings add up to $100 before sending a check.  While there have been a few purchases here and there, none have so far broken through these minimum amounts.  So total amount of money I’ve made from ads so far after a year:  $0.

Now don’t get me wrong:  I’m not complaining in the least.  I never did this blog for money in the first place, and it isn’t my primary goal now.  But I just did want to perhaps put a reality check on many of you who perhaps though I was making some cash from this blog, somehow.  I’m not.  At least, not yet, and even if I do, I certainly am not going to be quitting my day job anytime soon.

Recently I had put up a few posts that were ads for sales for certain websites.  To be honest, even as I did it, I had a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.  I sort of felt it was turning the blog into what I was trying to avoid.  Was I trying to maybe push a bit of traffic their way?  Sure.  But in total honesty, I really did think it was a good sale.  If my favorite site were having a sale for a product I’d actually be interested in, I’d want to know.

I think I may have discovered a possible compromise.  I might still post ad-related posts.  But as stated above, they will be infrequent, and only when I feel the sale is especially good, or for products I’m sincerely interested in.

More importantly, though, I will now make sure they are never the top post of the day*.  I will always put them below the most recent post. That way, if you’re a daily viewer, you’d never even run into it unless you scrolled down far enough.  Something as a little bonus to you daily viewers.

All that said, if you do buy products from any of the sites I support, I would appreciate it if you got them through here.  I did notice there have been a few purchases lately from a few of you readers, and I thank you for that.  If you’d like to be one of them, visit my Shopping page.  It’s a small, easy way to say thanks for all the work that I’ve put into the blog… and still doing for free, as I haven’t gotten one check yet.  🙂

*Well, they will be for one minute.  I’ll set them to post at 4:59am, and then put my main post up at 5:00am.  I think we can live with that.

TFG Webtied

Every once in a while, we like to bring this out.  It’s the Spidy Gear Cargo Net (note that there is no “e” is Spidy–that’s how they spell it).  It offers quite a few tie down points, as you can imagine, and it’s fun being put under it.  Started with a lycra hood on, but then he decided to tie one of his smelliest shoes to my face.  No complaints from me.

Celebrity Kink

It’s more of just hints of fetish rather than overt, but that works too.


Ran into this cutie as a host of a Disney show, but apparently he was a contestant on Australian Big Brother.  Wes Dening, both plain and gunged:

Next, a few random shots of various celebs.

Casper Smart (JayLo’s boytoy) clad in flops
Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) about to bury his face in his shoe.  Well, in my mind he is, anyway.
Evan Peters (American Horror Story).  There is promise of him being bound & shackled, and getting his bare ass caned.  Can’t wait!
Ryan Gosling barefoot
Photoshopped Jamie Bell, but I won’t argue it



TFG: My feet may be smellier than most

So in the foot fetish world, guys who like stinky feet get all the attention.  Don’t get me wrong, there is quite a demand for clean, non-smelly feet too, but a lot of guys crave at least some smell.

Well, I think I’m discovering I like them stinky.  Like, really stinky.  Ripe.  Reeking.  Near putrid.  And I seem to have a gift to make my feet fit that category.

There have been at least two occasions where guys said they didn’t mind stinky feet.  So I went trying to “stinkify” them intentionally; wore the same socks and shoes for days, weeks if I could.  And apparently, the response I got was some squinty eyes and being told, “I like smelly, but not that smelly.”

To be honest, I was a bit shocked.  First off, too me, they seemed just about right.  Secondly, for a lot of guys, I didn’t even know there was a such thing as too smelly.

Now, I can have my feet be much cleaner, and tone down the smell.  Keep in mind I was using week or month long unwashed socks for those occasions, not to mention ancient, used shoes.  I can also wear fresh socks and clean, newer shoes every day, and the smell will be much more mild.

But I guess I’m in a bit of awe as to how stinky my feet can become.  I didn’t know I held that much power in my dawgs.  So if you ever do meet with me in the future, let me know how smelly you like them, and I’ll do my best to adjust.  But if you like them smelly… well, then, as they say–be careful what you wish for.

Dare to take a whiff?

Reader Contribution: feetboy81

Got a lot of net finds sent to me by feetboy81.  I think I’ve posted a few of these before, but you can never have too many feet in stocks, right Dman?

Tied Feet Friday!

Also, The Stockroom is having a large sale this weekend, 22% off nearly everything they sell. The post is below this one.

Speaking of which, I’ll be posting about my revised thoughts on advertising on my blog soon.