TFG: Two Mummies

Don’t get too excited… these are from two separate sessions.  But I didn’t have many pictures of each, so I thought I’d just combine them.

The first series is me wearing a lycra mummysack.  I found this from a vendor on eBay, but I don’t believe they’re selling it at the moment.  Too bad, because as far as lycra sleepsacks go, it’s my favorite so far.  It’s comfortable, and there are internal arm sleeves (as opposed to lycra Bodytubes, which don’t), and it has two zippers.  The only problem we’ve had with it:  if the zippers are open a bit for crotch access, they sometimes will open wider on their own if I struggle at all.  But seriously… that’s been the only major complaint.  It’s obviously not as tight as a regular sleepsack, but it’s also very portable (for travel) and comfortable for longer term.  Perhaps if you keep searching for it on eBay, you’ll run into it again one day.  (It did come in other colors if you wished, as well.)

For the rest of the outfit, the front buckle gag and ultra blindfold complete the look.  A very effective combination.

Next, I’m encased in the Neoprene Sleepsack. The Jock Cup gag (well, I suppose technically it’s not a gag, as nothing goes inside the mouth… but as you can see, there’s a sock shoved behind it) was originally bought at Fort Troff, but I don’t believe they carry it anymore.

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