It’s about freakin’ time…

…TheUAJock finally has a blog.

Now, it’s still in the early stages, so there’s not much there yet.  But if you have ever seen his GearFetish profile, you certainly know it will be one to watch.  There, he generally updates about once a week with a set. 

But you heard it here first, a TFG exclusive.

He did direct my attention to the first main pic.  I have a feeling he’s teasing me about a certain pair of socks.  Why?  Because behind the scenes, he’s been sending me quite a few pics, messages, and teases about a particular pair of black UA socks ever since I visited him in Denver.  This is a whole ‘nother story, and once it finishes (although in his style, he’s loving dragging this out), I’m more than happy to share it with you.  Until then, you’ll just have to be as tortured and anxious as I have been for a while.  But let’s just say these socks have been worn to more than one of his workouts…

*     *     *

Oh, in other unrelated blog news, I’ve done a minor update to the Web Links page (most notably including an updated banner link), and an updated look (as well as a recent posting) to my tumblr page to mirror the main blog.

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