So close

Checked into Best Male Blogs again just now, and saw this:

Yes, that’s my other blog, Captured Heroes, currently at #1.  This blog is at #3.  Can a few of you vote for me with 4 or 5 stars (hopefully 5!), and make me both the #1 and #2 blog?  I can already now say both of my blogs have beaten GayDemon (as you can see in the sidebar at the left, this blog beat it in December of last year).  But I’ve never had both beat GayDemon at the same time.  Not that I don’t love GayDemon… but it is kinda cool to be higher up than the blog that is virtually considered the #1 blog.

Admittedly, this is purely an ego and a “just so I can say it happened” sort of thing.  Oddly enough, in terms of gaining new visitors or page views, being listed here doesn’t seem to be making a huge difference aside from the first day I showed up in the list.  But I have to say, I do appreciate this rather large “thank you” that I’m getting from the fans of this (and my other) blog.  I’d love to stick my toes into all of your mouths!  😀

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