Day: September 9, 2012

TFG: It’s an honor to even have been asked

So a while ago, I got a very pleasant request.  I was asked if I was interested in tying up a guy here in Southern California for a rather famous paid bondage website.

Now, I’m not going to name any names here, but trust me, I was floored.  Even my usually semi-conservative BF (well, conservative about me meeting other guys and maintaining privacy) was intrigued by the possibility.  Sadly, because of various circumstances, it wasn’t able to work out this time.  But perhaps if the conditions were just right, it could maybe happen again in the future.

Of course, then I’ll really need to sharpen up my roping skills.  I still feel my BF is much better at roping than I am.  I think I make a much better model, lol.  I suppose I may make a better Dom from a psychological point of view.  That is to say, bossing guys around and demeaning/humiliating them.  Perhaps we should double team a sub one day.  😉

*     *     *

On a related note, my BF and I recently had a big discussion about me working with other guys.  He has to admit, while he’s not a fan of it, he’s okay with it as long as a few conditions are met.

  • I need to tell him about it beforehand.
  • I cannot host.  We share our living space, and he doesn’t want that shared with people who are strangers to him.
  • No sex at all–just bondage and feet play.  I’ve always felt that way, but he just wanted me to restate that.
  • He doesn’t want it to be a too-regular thing… so I’d probably only want to work with about 2-4 guys a year max, spread out over time.  Which means I need to be fairly selective.  Obviously, I’d give more priority to people I’ve known and spoken with for a while.
  • I’d only want to meet people if my BF were out of town/not available.

Now, that last one may sound as if I’m trying to sneak around behind his back.  Not true, I’d still tell him about any meet I’d do.  I mean, chances are it’d appear on the blog, so he’d see it eventually–better to tell him about it up front. (In fact, exactly this has happened.)  No, this self imposed rule has a more boring reason… if my BF is present, I’d rather be with him.  I don’t want to take time away from him to meet someone else, I like being with him too much.  Pure and simple.

A bit sappy, but it’s true.  😉