Slave Story

Got this sent to me by a reader, and though there’s a couple of risky things about it, it was basically pretty hot.  It’s also based on a real life experience, so the names have been changed.  Yes, folks, this really happened.  For the record, “Master” Dominic is really just a straight guy who recently joked about how his friend seemed to be acting like his little slave…

*     *     *
so Master Dominic and i went swimming by ourselves and he brought up the subject of me being a slave. He was really interested in how it turned me on and could not imagine liking to do things for other guys like i do. i told him how i like being treated in an inferior way and be bossed around and ignored when not needed and even verbally abused for entertainment. i began telling him about how widespread this is online and stuff and some of the sites i go to and i mentioned yours.  i told him how i would love to be his slave as well even though he is younger than me and we are friends and i said i would even pay you to do it.
he was very interested now cuz he is always in need of money. he has tons of girls after him and lots of young guy friends and he buys lots of alcohol for them all to have. after we left the pool he texted me and said he was having a small party that night and he wanted me as his slave to set up the basement and clean up afterwards and be available if he or any of his friends needed anything. of course he said i could do it for 50 bucks and i agreed. so later that night i met him at his dads and he took my money and said ok slave time to get to work and he made me bring all of the kitchen and dining room chairs to the basement and set up beer pong tables and go to the store and buy red plastic cups and then his friend Caleb arrived and Dominic introduced me as his friend who lost a bet and was now his slave for the week. Caleb quickly picked up on how to treat me and ignored me most of the time unless he wanted something and i had to get it. as more people arrived Dominic didnt want me hanging around so he sent me to his dads room and locked me in his dads closet. he wanted his own room free in case he brought a girl up there which he did. i was so bored but horny being locked in the closet and i  wished i was tied up but didnt want to press my luck.
a few hours went by ad he let me out and told me to go clean up while he supervised and the basement was a total mess. cigarettes, beer bottles and cans, cups, and random crap was all over and Dominic never lifted a finger to help. when i was done he made me vacuum since he was supposed to do that anyway and then finally i was done and he asked how i liked it and i said i wanted more. more abuse, more humiliation, more servitude and all that and he sad cool man i was hoping you would say that. when i was done i asked if i could pay him homage and he asked what that was and laughed in a half-drunk way and i kneeled down and kissed the tops of his dirty used shoes and said thank you for letting me serve you Master! he laughed his ass off and said he liked that a lot.

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