Quite a bit of celeb feet for you today.  But first, I ran into this cutie in a magazine.  A motorcyclist named Marc Marquez.  He is 20, and I did make sure I got a recent pic.  There aren’t too many pics of him, and many seem to show him much younger.  But personally, I think he’s aged nicely.  Love those eyes.

Next, a find from a twitter follower, a pic of Steven McQueen from Vampire Diaries.  Not sure what this pic is about, but I’m not going to argue it.

A lot from Big Time Rush.  They recently had a summer special that had them barefoot quite a bit.

On the boy band front, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.  According to a source close to me, he may have a bi-foot fetish himself.  Whether it’s true or not, it’s hot to think of.

Chris Crocker and his BF playing with feet.  He’s looking pretty good nowadays, don’t you think?  Seems one is enjoying feet more than the other, though.

Lastly, a fave of my BF (but I like him a lot too), Christopher Gorham.

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