TFG: My feet may be smellier than most

So in the foot fetish world, guys who like stinky feet get all the attention.  Don’t get me wrong, there is quite a demand for clean, non-smelly feet too, but a lot of guys crave at least some smell.

Well, I think I’m discovering I like them stinky.  Like, really stinky.  Ripe.  Reeking.  Near putrid.  And I seem to have a gift to make my feet fit that category.

There have been at least two occasions where guys said they didn’t mind stinky feet.  So I went trying to “stinkify” them intentionally; wore the same socks and shoes for days, weeks if I could.  And apparently, the response I got was some squinty eyes and being told, “I like smelly, but not that smelly.”

To be honest, I was a bit shocked.  First off, too me, they seemed just about right.  Secondly, for a lot of guys, I didn’t even know there was a such thing as too smelly.

Now, I can have my feet be much cleaner, and tone down the smell.  Keep in mind I was using week or month long unwashed socks for those occasions, not to mention ancient, used shoes.  I can also wear fresh socks and clean, newer shoes every day, and the smell will be much more mild.

But I guess I’m in a bit of awe as to how stinky my feet can become.  I didn’t know I held that much power in my dawgs.  So if you ever do meet with me in the future, let me know how smelly you like them, and I’ll do my best to adjust.  But if you like them smelly… well, then, as they say–be careful what you wish for.

Dare to take a whiff?

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