TheUAJock is a teasing asshole

I say that with love.  Well, more or less.  If know him, he’s probably cracking up right now, and not without a little bit of pride.  🙂

This all began as a series of texts, not too long after we met in person.  He let me know he had emailed me me some pics of his socked and unsocked feet.  (He tried to text them to me, but it didn’t work.)  And then he asked,

“would u like me to send a pair of socks after I get them very sweaty?”

To which I replied,

“Let me think about that.  Um, YEAH.  ;P”

He went on to say that very few people get UA from him, which I totally believe.  He promised me he’d work on getting them ripe, and send them to me in a few weeks.

Our conversation continued:

“The waiting will be torture, but worth it.  ;P”

“that’s part of it :)”

“I figured.  Sir. :D”

“so u will be getting pics and emails as I get them ripe to add to the torture, that is how I roll :)”

Well, about a month went by, and I didn’t hear from him.  Then out of the blue, I get this message and pic:

“hmmmm how many workouts did I do in these so far? o what is that “spot” on the heel… >:)”

I have no idea what that is on his heel.  I’m not sure I want to know, but I’m guessing I’ll smell it regardless at some point.

About two weeks later, I get this pic and message:

“I wonder what is under that hot sweaty boot..”

Another week or two after that, I’m told that the socks I see in this scene should look familiar.

Are you starting to see what I mean in the title of this post?  And no, that is not me in the duct tape.  That’s some other lucky/unlucky slave.  Although I’m supposing if he had his way, it probably would be me.

Oh, it still doesn’t stop there.  Not even a week after that:

“just finished a 40 minute run, mmmm I wonder what those socks smell like? see you are going to have a whole album of pics for your socks lol”

And just yesterday, there was this “cryptic” post on his blog.  I think you all know now who it was intended for.

More on this as it develops…

For the record, I did have his permission to post these pics and texts.

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