Neil Patrick Harris, please contact me

Okay, I so feel like I gotta meet him.  Not even because he’s a celebrity.  It’s not about that, really.  He just looks like a super cool guy that I’d actually get along with.  And I don’t even mean in a kinky way (although I wouldn’t argue that).

Since this is a kink blog, let me tease you with a few tempting pics of NPH first…

Barefoot, chained up, and in wet lycra?  And is it just me, or does that ring around his neck remind you of a slave collar?  Uh, excuse me for a few minutes…

From The Smurfs movie.  I don’t believe he’s actually gagged in the film.  If I’m not mistaken, this was the photoshop work of war7467.

And he does seem to enjoy being barefoot.

But NPH is more than this.  He’s also into magic (which explains the first picture–and while I’m not a magician, I do think it’s cool, and I have been to the Magic Castle and loved it), Disneyland, which I myself am a total geek about (he’s actually lent his voice to one of the attractions there), and loves haunted house attractions.  I know this because he’s currently producing Delusion, a horror play I experienced myself personally last year, and loved it.  It’s so cool he’s in on it this year.  If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend it. Here’s a video about it, and not only is it funny, but in the second half, you get to see he’s wearing flip flops.

I also recently got a book about the history of Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween Haunt, which was in fact the very first amusement park in the world to do a Halloween Haunt event in 1972.  And guess who wrote the introduction to that book?  In fact, that book led me to discover the leading pic of this post.

I also just love his sense of humor and outlook on life.  I think I’ve also heard he’s into board games.  It’s like we’re twins, because I also love all the above.  I believe he even lives not too far away from me.  Not that I know an exact address, but when he and his partner David Burtka were on Oprah, they mention his general area, and it’s not all that far from me.

So, ah, Neil… if you happen to read this blog (or anyone who knows him)… give me a write.  I’d love to hang out with you.  I would keep it discrete, I wouldn’t mention anything here.  And it doesn’t even have to be kinky.  Although if you’re reading this blog, you know I wouldn’t argue that.  I do know we’re both in a committed relationship, so I’d understand if not.  But you never know.  I think even my partner (who, in temperment, is in fact more like David Burtka), would give me a pass.  😉

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