Day: October 21, 2012

Couldn’t have said it better myself

If you haven’t seen the latest post from thesneakerboy, take a gander over there.  It’s a semi-academic read, but I think it makes some interesting points.

I’ve sort of touched on the topic here before, but it parallels how I feel here at the blog.  I’m “in” the online kink world, but not “in” the real life kink world.  And it creates this odd dichotomy where I know some of the larger kink community people, but really don’t get to ever see them, let alone work with them.  It sort of makes me feel a bit like a poseur.

And while I consider my views on kink pretty advanced, I’m certainly not a full time kink guy.  My work and relationship (which is not Master/slave by any means–it’s actually pretty vanilla if we’re not under the sheets) are my first priorities, and often overshadow doing as much actual kink as I’d like.  I also stay pretty protective of my identity, which I think in the eyes of many, may lessen my credibility in the kink scene.  I’ve never been to Folsom, Up Your Alley, IML, etc., and probably never will.  Too much of those events get out into the public domain for me to risk it.

So because I don’t get to do actual kink practice as often as I’d like, I still sort of consider myself an Intermediate player to the scene, at best. But it doesn’t mean I have any less passion for kink, as this blog well proves.  At the same time, I also think this makes me a bit more welcoming to other visitors who may be more intimidated by the more intense blogs.  At least, I hope it does.

One thing I have learned in the few meetings I’ve had with major kink players:  they’re human too.  They have to work, they do smile, and not every scene goes perfectly.  And they may not even get along with each other.  It’s easy to forget that when you see a hot kinky pic on the web.  It’s sexy, alright, but we didn’t see the hours of prep, the banter, or the perhaps surprisingly mundane conditions that led up to that pic.