TFG: Mangasm Toy Review

So a while ago, I was contacted by the Mangasm company, asking if they’d like to send me a toy for me to review.  Who am I to say no?  😉

Now, I did warn them a bit… as many of you long-time readers know, I’m generally not too much into anal play.  But I was curious (and a bit honored) to have been selected to get a free adult toy.  I guess this is one of the benefits of having a popular blog.

The toy they sent me to review was a Mangasm Edge.  (Despite the color of my remote compared to what’s on their website, the bottom of the box listed this as an Edge.)  I do have to admit, I can be a sucker for kinky toys that require a battery and variable speed control.  However, I was also a bit nervous.  It’s made of a very rigid, hard and unyielding plastic.  Not anything like the only other anal toy I’ve ever used, a butt plug, which are much softer and pliable.  Given my limited experience, I wasn’t sure if it’d work for me.

To my surprise, though… it went right in with very little difficulty.  A tiny bit of discomfort for a moment, but once it was in, it was actually quite comfortable.  And it actually went in fairly quickly.

Once in, I turned on the vibration.  I did enjoy it, although to be totally honest, I’m not sure if it was properly hitting my prostate.  It was a nice sensation, and enjoyable, but I don’t know if I’d say it really hit my “male G spot” (if I have one, I suppose).  I was also a bit surprised that when I turned up the speed on the vibration, I didn’t detect a major change in sensation–nothing really intensified, it was just faster and different.  Although it must have been good enough, as I did manage to shoot a load fairly quickly.

One problem I had with it… it sort of comes with no instructions.  There’s a few pointers on the back of the box (such as lie on your side and lift one knee up to your chest when inserting, which actually was quite helpful), but nothing about what it’s made out of.  And I’m such a dork about this sort of thing, I wasn’t even sure if the “ball” hooked part went in front or back, so to speak (front, just behind the balls, as it turns out).   Perhaps all those things are obvious and givens to those of you with more experience, but for a newbie like me, a bit more direction would have been appreciated.

So would I recommend it?  Well, despite my personal experience, I can’t say I’m a good judge for others.  Did I fall totally in love with it?  No, but generally, I’m not in love with anal toys, period.  But would I try it again?  Actually, yes, I would, and I’d like to play with it for a bit longer–admittedly, my first trial run was pretty short, as I shot fairly quickly.  Which, now that I think of it, may be a decent review in and of itself.  🙂  I’m not sure if more experienced anal play guys would be as moved, but having the remote control vibration certainly is a nice novelty.

Full disclosure:  I was given this toy from another website free in exchange for providing a review and links back to their site and product.  I am not profiting from the links themselves.  And believe it or not, but the review really is my my own words and genuine feelings about the product.  They did not put any words into my mouth regarding the review.

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