Self Sneaker Sniffing; Hooray for Obama!

Okay, these two things really don’t go together at all.  But just had to honor Obama’s victory somehow.  🙂  Here’s to hoping for a lot more progress in gay rights and freedoms.  A good indicator:  as of last night (which is when I wrote all this… hopefully things have not changed between then and now), both Maine and and Maryland have both passed Same Sex Marriage by popular vote.  Which is the first time this has happened.  The last 32 state votes didn’t go our way, including California, which we’re still fighting even now.  And a vote to put a ban on Same Sex Marriage in Minnesota appears to have been defeated by the voters.  So perhaps the tide is in fact turning.

But enough of the politics, eh?  No better way to celebrate than to be true to thyself.  So let’s get kinky.

There’s something so hot/degrading about sniffing your own shoe.  Or better/worse yet, having someone else force you to smell your own shoe.  Phew!

Damn, look at all those sneaks on the floor.  I think he’s gotta try them all, doesn’t he?

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