thesneakerboy make me beg

So this all began with a very innocent tweet from a guy I’ve known of for a long time, Chris Mitchell, aka thesneakerboy.  He’s with Jake Wolf, who you may remember from his (no longer around) website, Jake’s Sneaks. Even though I’m more of a foot guy, I was always very turned on by how kinky these two got.  And while I haven’t talked with Chris an extensive amount, I’ve always held him in high esteem, and the few times I have talked to him, he’s been a genuine nice, and very smart, guy.

Anyway, this started when he wrote (and for the record, I did ask him if I could post all this, and he said yes):

 Chris MitchellChris Mitchell@thesneakerboy

What to wear tomorrow? Logger boots? Air Max 90? something completely different? 

To which I replied:

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nope. I’ve considered some several times, but never have gone through with it. 

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  beg, then tell me what type you want to see me in 

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  never been much on the titles 

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  🙂 be sure to figure out what style you want to see me in in case I decide to accept your offer. 
flop slave also thinks your royal feet would look good in these styles…(links to various flops)

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I had a feeling that would be to your liking. I’d be honored if you really did get them, and provided pics for slave’s blog. 

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  Personally, I prefer the classic black. 

To my surprise, this pic was his next posting:

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