Take stock; Contact me, slave; Bonus Doll posts coming

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Recently ordered a set of stocks for myself. If they work out, I’m sure they’ll be pics of me in them. I’m hoping even more I’ll find some young, willing victims to submit to these stocks in the future, so that I can properly abuse their feet as I see fit. Any volunteers? 

In other news, I recently got a request from someone who wants to be an online slave of mine.  It was a rather hot email that properly begged as a good slave should.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to write back, as this person’s email doesn’t seem to be working with the message “Mailbox unavailable”.  Not sure if it’s a typo with the email address, or something’s wrong.  In any case, if you wrote me regarding this, give me another write, and make sure you can receive messages.

Finally, I got a series of pics from a reader who enjoyed tying up some twink dolls.  Like, literally, dolls.  Specifically, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, “Edward” and “Jacob”. 

Now, I know this won’t be for everyone, so I’ll be posting these all week as Bonus posts in the afternoons (USA time zone).  I have tied up dolls myself, and in fact my Spiderman fetish began with me tying up my Spiderman doll, so I kinda relate to this.  And it’s a bit embarrassing, but the Jacob doll is oddly kinda hot.

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