Various Reader Contributions; Black Friday Shopping

A couple of random pics.  First, in reference to my Halloween Torture post, a reader sent me some pics of medieval shoes that were used for torture and humiliation.

Next, I got a very flattering email from fan Joe.  Not only is he an amazing and dedicated fan who basically told me that after viewing my blog, I’ve gotten him more into feet even though that wasn’t something that turned him on before.  Always love converting!  😉  He saw a pic in the new about the flooding in Italy, and thought it’d be good to send my way.  To be honest, I had seen this pic myself, and while I did find it rather hot, I also felt a bit bad for all the people who are genuinely going through any hardships at this time.  Obviously my heart and well wishes go out to them.  But on the plus side… look at those feet.  And shoes.  I was amused that Joe was able to identify a pair of Classic White Exofit Hi-Top Leather Sneakers.  I’m not so much of a shoe fan to know if that’s accurate, but if not, I’m sure Mr. Mitchell will correct us.

Next, I have to admit I do get a bit of a thrill when I’m sent a pic via Twitter.  HunterGreenee had teased me before, but I finally have a real foot pic from this pup, taken while he was drumming.

Lastly, a different sort of pic sent to me by TheUAJock.  He’s not saying who’s in the Spiderman outfit, but I have my guesses.

Thanks to all who send items my way.  It’s all appreciated, please keep it up!

Oh, and today’s Black Friday, isn’t it?  Get a head start on all your kinky shopping by visiting my own Shopping page and visiting my favorite sites through my links!  I may be getting an item or two myself…

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