Straight Guys Follow Up

So this has been pretty interesting.  As expected, most of the guys who visit this blog identify as gay.  My main question was how many identify as straight (or bi, transgender, questioning, female, etc.), and if straight, what capacity.  With 128 responses, the results are as follows:

Gay all the way.
  73 (59%)
Straight, but into men’s feet only.
  9 (7%)
Straight, but into men’s and women’s feet.
  7 (5%)
Straight, but into being Dommed by men–not interested in feet.
  10 (8%)
Straight, but into men’s feet and being Dommed by men
  12 (9%)
  12 (9%)
I’m a woman!
  1 (0%)
Other: questioning, transgender, queer, etc.
  4 (3%)

Now, it’s pretty obvious gay men make up most of the audience for this blog.  No surprise there.  But, certainly not by as much of a margin as I would have thought–though I have a feeling that number may be underrepresented.  I imagine most gay men found the poll so obvious, they may not have bothered to vote.

I really split up the straight guy options, because I was personally a bit curious how many straight guys were into male feet, versus male domination, or both.  As well as female feet.  If we just look at the four straight guy answers, we have a total of 29%.  Which is a relatively large number, if you ask me!  Again, that number may be inflated a bit due to lack of comparative gay men voting.  But still, even if you just look at the raw data, we have 38 individual straight men visiting this blog (I assume so, those categories I created don’t really overlap).  That’s kinda cool.  When do I get to tie you all up and have you beg to worship my feet?

And one woman!  And I know this is not a fake vote, because I got an email from a straight guy who told me it was his wife that voted.  Now that’s a marriage I can stand behind.  😉

I got a number of great emails and comments.  The first comment:

I’m completely straight- just always liked to be tied up (with the extra fetish of combining it with bare feet). I don’t have a particular feeling about whether it’s a man or woman who ties me- but sometimes having it done with a but of roughness or force requires a man to do it. Nothing really sexual about who does it, though I do get quite turned on by being tied up, regardless of who does it.

From another straight reader:

Well, I’ve always kinda been at a loss to explain it personally, but I think your theory probably makes the most sense. [Which was that straight guys are looking to be humiliated, and being dominated by another man is one of the most humiliating things they can endure –TFG.] I’ve always felt that when I watch vids of women domming guys, it just doesn’t work the same for me. I think that element of humiliation of having to submit to another guy is probably the key factor. I’ve also noticed as I started to get into kink as a teenager, and even still really, that I always gravitated towards stories of what I guess I would call horseplay for lack of a better term.  Dudes dominating their buddies/brothers/roommates/etc, locker room and hazing types of situations, pranks, etc.  I’ve always been more about being laid back and having fun as opposed to more serious master/slave setups. As for my socks and sneakers, well, I’ve yet to actually have someone force me to sniff theirs, although I’ve gotten acquainted with a few friends’ and college roommates’ socks/sneakers in the past lol. Personally, I don’t prefer them too smelly. Something noticeably worn, maybe like a day or two, but not so rank that its overpowering…

I asked this same guy if  he thought straight guys would mention this to women they’re intimate with, and/or if he’d ever been with a woman but incorporated mens socks/shoes/domination into a scene.

…I like to think that if I found someone that I wanted to be intimate with, I would probably mention it to them at some point. I would suspect that at least a portion of them have probably mentioned it to significant others, although I would be curious to see, like you mentioned, how many who did had to make it a point to use a guy’s socks/sneakers/etc, I bet the response would be interesting.

I think that would be an interesting follow up question.  If any of you straight guys have mentioned this to a female partner, let me know.  And even if you haven’t, do you seek out men on the side?  I do know of a straight guy who writes me frequently, wondering if there are other straight guys would just enjoy being tied up and play escape games with other men–no sex, slave, or feet play at all.  If any of you would be interested in chatting with him, let me know, and I’ll pass along his email to you.  I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

There’s a bit of insight to this question from one commenter. This great response was from one of the straight guys who started me off on this topic in the first place, ted_subby:

You make a good point that for a straight guy like me to be restrained by a man and/or forced to worship his feet would be extra humiliating — in other words, extra good! Some of the fictional stories I write on my web page are M/m and those tend to focus more on feet and humiliation than my F/m stories.

To my initial surprise, many women seem to enjoy M/m of most any type. I have had dominant and sub women message me that they enjoy some of my M/m stories.

And of course there is “forced bi” in which some dominant women enjoy consensually forcing a straight guy into action with another guy. That’s an activity I like many guys would like to try under the right circumstances (though never without it being consensually “forced”) but it’s very scary to me lol.

By contrast, I have never heard of the activity “forced straight” but my guess is that it exists somewhere.

Which is the second interesting follow up question to all this.  Are there any gay or bi guys that enjoy being forced to do play with a woman?  It must exist, but it’s something I very rarely see.  I saw 12 of you bi guys voted, so I know you’re out there!  If you are one of these people, comment or write me!

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