TFG: Solo Good Time

Sometimes my BF goes out of town.  And I take these as opportunities to do a bit of self exploration.

On this occasion, I started off wearing my lycra singlet.  I ball gagged myself, put on a gasmask, and connected it to some 3 day old socks and an old shoe.  Oh, did I mention that I hadn’t cum in about four days?  Keep in mind that for me, that’s a long time.  I typically shoot a load 1 or 2 times a day.  So I was pretty horny.

Then the fun really began.  I inserted the Mangasm, and then rubbed the Hitachi Magic Wand on my lycra clad cock, at the same time turning on the vibration on the Mangasm.  Now, as I mentioned in my Mangasm review, I liked it, but wasn’t totally wowed by it.  But then I started thinking that perhaps it could be fun when used in conjunction with the Magic Wand.  Plus, I liked the idea of wearing the Mangasm underneath the lycra, trapped inside and unable to slip out (as butt plugs can do on me often).  The results are below.

Hot, fresh cum.  Still hard cock.
On my right leg, you can see you cord coming out of my leg to the remote for the Mangasm that’s still vibrating inside me.

As you can see, I seemed to enjoy myself.  And despite what you might think, I was surprised to cum virtually instantly.  You see, I’m the kind of guy that has never really cum without directly touching my cock.  I sorta doubted if I’d be able to cum just from a vibrator on top of my cock (although John Locke seemed to manage it as well, so perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised).

Next time, I’d like to try this all again, but with a locked up cock.  I want to feel what a locked cock feels like when being teased mercilessly with a Hitachi.  I wonder if I’d be able to shoot a load through it.  Does that ever happen often to guys?

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