A couple of slaves for TFG

They always come back groveling for more, don’t they?  I’ve had a couple of slaves do my bidding to please me.

First off is straight twink James.  With me claiming ownership over my rightful property.

I’ve actually posted him before, but he’s wanting to be treated like he truly deserves.  As a pathetic straight foot slave.  We’ll hopefully be seeing more of him later.

*     *     *

Next up is David.  I chatted a bit with this slave a while ago, and it seems he’s in the mood to play again.

i just thought i would really use some control these days again. *bows my head*

To earn his trust back with me, I first told him he couldn’t cum.  And being TFG, I had to be sure to punish his feet, I had him put as many clothes pins on his feet as he could stand for five minutes.

It was very hurtful Master, but i did for 5 minutes. i made pictures.

My response:

Very hot, slave.  You know your feet deserved that punishment, didn’t they slave?  But you know I’m not done with you yet.  The next time you have privacy alone in your room, you are to remain on your knees or on all fours for at least 30 minutes.  If you have to move around, you must crawl.  You can do other things, such as read, or be on your computer… but you must remain on your knees or on all fours.

Yes, yes they did deserve it, Master. i understand, i will have 30 minutes on hands and knees.

He did it, replying,

i stayed on my knees and all fours for 30 minutes now Master. i wanted tell You how much i appreciate Your commands to me.

I then next told him,

Of course you appreciate them.  Because you know your place, and that’s under my Dominant feet, isn’t it?  In fact, I think I want you to practice that.  You can like your own feet, right? I want you to lick them thoroughly with your tongue for 5 minutes without stopping.  Your tongue must be in contact with your foot the entire time.  Feel free to drool on them a bit, and get them wet.  When done with one foot, repeat with the other.

I’m a very generous Master, don’t you think?  We’ll see if they come back groveling for more…

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