Day: December 23, 2012

TFG Thoughts: The Reality of Sex

So most people visit blogs and tumblrs such as mine to get turned on.  Maybe get ideas for the next big night out.

I do think all the pics I post here are incredibly sexy.  But at the same time, taken as a whole, they sort of present this unattainable image of what kinky sex should always be.  And while it sometimes works out like that, more often that not, reality gets in the way.

Let’s not forget that sex includes downtime, and things that you don’t always see in the kinky pics.

  • Non sexy talk.  (“By the way, did you ever wash those dishes like I asked?” is a great thing to ask while getting tied up.)
  • Ropes that get tied too tight, and you have to tell you partner to retie it.
  • Positions that become uncomfortable (in a bad, “my hand is going numb” sort of way), or are uneven (a personal pet peeve of mine–I’d be a bad candidate for some of those asymmetrical Japanese ties)
  • You realized that you got tied up with your underwear on, and that you have to be partially and clumsily untied to pull them off.
  • That itchy nose when you’re tied down, that you may even ask your partner to scratch depending on your level of comfort (and sense of humor).
  • When he pinches your nipple a little more, and for a little longer, than you’d like.  Or beats your balls a little too hard.
  • Thinking about work and that big meeting tomorrow while being sucked off.
  • Hearing the couple in the next building over having a huge, cursing, screaming fight while you’re trying to be intimate.
  • Having the TV on in the background, and trying to listen the show.
  • You get immobilized for so long you actually nod off.
  • Your partner/Master/Dom gives you a command, and their voice cracks/they badly mispronounce one of the words/it makes no sense/you didn’t hear them, and you laugh or come out of the moment.

I mean, it’s not just me, right?  Anyone else have funny or oddball stories of what’s happened to them during a scene that you’re maybe a little embarrassed it happened?