Just can’t get enough of them, especially when they cater to our kinks.

First off, love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is becoming quite the fit young slave man.

Next, Simon Helberg teases us with implied nudity and his soles.

Now how did this shirtless pic of Zac slip by me?  Wished it showed more of his feet, but I don’t really get tired of his chest or eyes…

Zachary Quinto gagged.  Not authentically, maybe, but tightly at least.  So I’ll take it.

American Horror Story has been quite catering to us kinks.  Evan Peters shirtless and soon to be strapped down, and a great shot of his arching foot.  Followed by a semi-unpleasant but still kinda hot pic of Ralph Fines.


Next a celeb I don’t really know… Drew Tyler Bell.  Saw him on the footbuddies board, and just thought he had very sexy feet.

Michael Phelps, looking hot in flip flops.  The tops of his feet and toes may be just as sexy as his soles.

Seems that Matt Lanter got gagged on 90210.

Finally, Tom Daley gives us a bit of holiday cheer.  I think he needs to hold that mistletoe even lower… like his crotch.  Or his toes, either one.  I’m not fussy.

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