Fuck you, tumblr posters (well, a certain few of you)

Okay, I’m negating my own post from yesterday because I’m pissed off about one thing.

I will admit one thing up front:  I do like visiting many tumblr blogs.  There are a number of good ones, there’s a huge number of kinky ones (almost too many to keep up with), and you don’t have to click through an adult content warning first (although part of me wonders how much longer that’s going to last).

But a few things really irk me about it.  The number one is the blatant reposting of pics.  Now, that by itself isn’t necessarily bad.  But that very, very frequently happens after people cut off credit tags out of them.

I spend a good amount of time chasing down original content pics of mine that I discover on other people’s tumblrs with my tag cut off.  Goddamit, that was either my own work, or work that was given to my by a reader in thanks for all of my hard work!  And then some other asshole just chops off the tag, taking away all credit for having the pic out there in the first place.  I’d say at least 1/3 of my own tumblr posts are reblogging my own work with my credit given.

This has been particularly bad with Pasha’s pics.  Sadly, despite writing him a few more times, I haven’t heard or been sent any more pics from him.  But given how viral his pics went, can you blame him?   I also feel bad for CapturedGuys.com, whose pics are constantly reposted.  Fortunately, now the majority of them seem to be reposted with his tag still on it, which is much better… at least the author is getting some acknowledgement for his work.

Cutting off a tag is like painting over Picasso’s signature at the bottom of his art.  Even if you feel it gets in the way, you have to recognize the creator of a work if they sign it. 

So to all of you who deliberately cut off tags from pics:  

GO FUCK YOURSELVES.  And shoot your own Goddamned pics.

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