TFG Vegas Vacation, Part 1

Went to Vegas, and had a bit of fun in the hotel room.  Personally, I love these pics, especially the second one.  I think it really captures my BF’s ropework (no pun intended).  Oh, and it finally features my new pic logo as well!  So now when I see these pics appearing on other people’s tumblrs, we’ll know the true source.  😉

Wearing some humiliating see through underwear (which, thankfully for the light reflections, weren’t too transparent for the pics), my chain collar, and some vetwrap to gag and blindfold me.  Also a bit of tit torture.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure where my BF got those particular clips, but if anyone’s interested, I can try to ask.

One final pic gives you a tease to the next set to look forward too…

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