Self Abuse

Sometime, you have to make the slave torture himself for the fullest humiliation.

Lastly, a super sexy pic I found on GearFetish.  I’m posting this with his permission, and even got him to elaborate a bit for me.

In his own words:

Yeah, that’s something I thought of on my own. It’s kind of mean. The base clamps have teeth. If they’re left on long enough, they *will* cut skin and leave some scarrage for awhile. I had to not use them for a month and lotion the area twice a day to get my nips back to normal. And then the hanger clips onto those clips (otherwise it just slips right off). Other clips are just for added intensity. Neck movement pulls and tugs. It’s sinister self-infliction. Although, if used and you’re not in control of your hands, you’ve gotta be careful, because too much jerking and you’ll find yourself in a sharp world of pain by pulling them *almost* all the way off, but not quite. I can handle some pain and strain on my nipples, but nothing as sharp as that feeling where all the force of the clip is hanging onto a single skin cell. Talk about fucking ouch.

Talk about fucking hot.

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