TFG in Stocks & Wetsuit

Today’s larger segment has me in the wetsuit.  Later on, I’ll be in UA coreshorts.  Just trust me, it’ll be hot.

I have to say, these stocks are pretty hot.  Even though I don’t really enjoy being tickled myself, having my feet locked in them really made them feel quite vulnerable and helpless, and heightened all sensations on them.  Almost converted me.  Almost.  That said, anyone into tickling simply has to try them.

One interesting point… the stocks for the head and arms sort of tip my head back, and my chin rested right against the wood.  It wasn’t totally uncomfortable, but it certainly wouldn’t do for long term restraint (I was in them for about an hour, with a quick break as I changed into the core shorts—more on that later).  But it did have the effect of limiting what I could see, since I couldn’t move my head much.  We’ll have to do a bit more experimenting in that regard.

That said, over time, I’m sure we’ll continue to tinker and play with different positions and ways of using these.  They’re quite modular, and have a variety of combinations possible, both as a unit and separate pieces.  We eventuallyhope to find a way to support them vertically.

Oh, you may notice that my feet have some rubber bands on them in a few pics.  My BF saw those in my toybox.  Kinda funny, because I’ve seen many videos and pics of rubber bands on feet, but I don’t think my BF had, so it was kinda new to him.  I did like it, but I also think I’d enjoy the thicker rubber bands more.  In any case, he took a few pics of my feet both with them on an off.

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