TFG Thoughts: Cyber slaving–it has its uses

So I am one of perhaps one of the few people that almost prefer cyber slaving.  I do understand that for most it’s not nearly as satisfying, and I can totally understand why.  There are very obvious drawbacks.  I guess I’m in a unique situation, where for me it’s nearly ideal.  But even if you snub your nose at it, there is one quite distinct advantage.  Read on.

As for its flaws:  obviously you don’t have the in person contact or interaction, which would leave most unsatisfied.  You also have to find a cyber slave you can trust and has a sense of dedication.  And generally, nearly all cyber slaving will end unfulfilled if that’s all there is the relationship.  Eventually, the cyber slave will loose interest and/or begin to crave a more direct experience.  There’s only so much you can do purely online.  I can’t really disagree with any of these points.

But in a way, these drawbacks are exactly its strength for me.  Since I’m in a happy relationship, I’m not looking for sex.  And there’s no risk of that if it’s only online.  It also lessens the chance of a person you play with to dominate the main relationship… there’s always a safe distance maintained, both emotionally and geographically.

Also, cyber slaving is a great way for beginners to start if they are too intimidated to meet with a real life Master.  They can see if they enjoy the flavor of it.  And for some people, if they are in a remote area with no other nearby Doms, it may be their only option to crave being dominated.

Most importantly for me, one thing that cyber slaving has done is make me push my creativity and growth as a Master.  Generally, in my real life relationship, my BF doesn’t like being humiliated or heavy slave talk.  No name calling (fag, bitch, slut, etc.), nor the more intense forms of humiliation (being spit or pissed upon, being forced to crawl on a floor, licking a toilet clean, etc.).  He’s mainly just a bondage guy.  So I don’t really get any practice.

While I, on the other hand, am discovering I’m enjoying ordering around pathetic slaves quite a bit.  And doing it online means you are forcing the slaves to do it to themselves, which requires quite a bit of ingenuity and intimidation to get into their head that they deserve this sort of treatment. Because of this, I’ve noticed I’ve become more intense as a Dom.

I realized recently, however, one point where perhaps cyber slaving may almost have an advantage, however small.  Thanks to today’s technology, you can have a near 24/7, anywhere, anytime sense of being a slave.

You see, I actually don’t do a lot of my cyber slaving online or in an IM chat.  I got additional phone number for my smart phone (via a free app called Pinger, but there are numerous others that give you a second number for free) and use it exclusively for my kinky contacts.  And cyber slaves.  Now I can text them anywhere, at any time of day, and make a demand.  Usually to send an embarrassing pic of themselves.  Even if they are in public.  I could request they go to the bathroom and quickly stuff their sock in their mouth, and then send me a pic.  So they are in a perpetual state of knowing they are a slave at all times, even in their daily life.  Yet in a safe, controlled way.

It’s been great fun, and I still enjoy doing it.  Will this translate to real life, should I ever get to boss around a slave in person one day?  Haven’t had a chance yet, but I hope to one day on a willing victim.  Any volunteers?

By the way, if anyone is interested in being my cyber slave, contact me.  I’ve actually been Doming SBS_justin for a number of months now, and it’s been quite fun.  And even though I haven’t tried it yet, it should be free for international numbers, provided the sender also has the same app.

One other side note to all this… and I hinted at before, SBS_justin and I made a slave bet of 3 tasks for the Super Bowl.  And I lost.  I’ve been tweeting about it a bit, but the fuller story will be appearing on the blog hopefully next week.  So I’ve now had my share of being a cyber slave… and Dommed and humiliated by a 24 year old twink.

Gotta love the cyber world.  😉

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