What shoe I do? And be careful what you wish for: Cyber Slave update

So if you follow my twitter, I posted this not too long ago:

Found these abandoned at my gym.Sadly, they smelled freshly cleaned, or else I would have probably taken them. twitter.com/TiedFeetGuy/st…
— Baring My Sole (@TiedFeetGuy) February 9, 2013

Well… after sitting there for a week (unbelievable, I know!)… erm… I decided to take them with me.

They are way too large for me to actually wear.  They’re an 11.5 US, and I’m an 8.  And as I’ve already mentioned, they don’t smell bad at all.  In fact, they almost smelled as if they had been fairly freshly cleaned.

But now the question is:  what do I do with them?

I have a few ideas.  Of which I would take pics when applicable.

  • Jerk off in them
  • Stuff them with old socks and fuck ’em
  • Fill them with a gunge substance and put my bare feet in them
  • Cut/tear/rip them apart
  • Give them away in a contest for readers of this blog

Do you readers have any thoughts or ideas?   I’m open!

*     *     *

On an unrelated note, I’ve got a fairly surprising amount of response from the cyber slaving post.  And with that, quite a few offers.  So many that it’s going to be a bit tricky to balance them and my work (which is starting to enter it’s busy season).  Not to mention the fact that I’m still finishing up my Super Bowl bet (and there will be more about that later, promise).

But I don’t want to let all my new slaves down, so I will be doing what I can.  Just please be patient, and I will try to get back to all of you.  And try to understand if there are long delays before I get back to you.

One in particular looks quite promising and will be fun to torment.  Updates as things develop…

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