Lost Super Bowl Bet, Part 1

Some you may remember my longtime cyber slave, SBS_justin.  Well, believe it or not, but after a long absence, we have been chatting quite a bit over the last few months.  He’s been my very dedicated cyber slave for a while… I even had him keep chaste for an entire month, the longest he’s ever gone by far.  After such a long time in chastity and slaving, he wanted to to take a bit of a break, and take care of some of his personal life stuff.  But we remained friendly.

Not too long ago, we had the Superbowl.  It was San Francisco vs. Baltimore.  Well, SBS_justin is from Baltimore, and since Los Angeles doesn’t have a football team, San Francisco was deemed close enough.  I got an unexpected text from him the night of the game:

“Wanna make a slave bet to see if your states team or mine wins the Super Bowl?”

Now I don’t watch football at all.  I just like the pretty uniforms.  🙂  But it sounded like a fun idea, so I agreed.  The loser would have to perform 3 tasks of the other’s choice (within our established rules of no face pics, to respect each other’s privacy).  Of course, we now all know that things did not exactly go my way.  I wrote back,

“Yes Sir.  I bet you’re really going to enjoy seeing me be tormented, aren’t you Sir?  But it will be my pleasure to serve you.”

To which I got the curt reply:  “It’s Master not sir”

Damn.  Put me in my place right away.  I wrote back,

“*looks up at your with pleading eyes* Yes Master.  Master, I am so nervous about what you have in store for me!  I’m so afraid I’ll pay for my arrogance towards you.”

He did almost give me an out… and a hint to his own true slave nature in his response:  “Haha I admit I thought it would be me begging for mercy… and I also admit I kind of what to beg your forgiveness for thinking I could enslave you and instead have you humiliate me… What do you think about that slave?”

I almost took him up on this.  And I didn’t want to deny Master’s orders directly.  But I was also was secretly intrigued to honor this bet.  So I said, “I will do whatever the Master says.  His word is the law.  I can’t like i am a bit hard and submissive at the though of being your slave.  I would very much like to serve Master, and then take my angry and sweet revenge upon him later.

“But I can also beg for forgiveness now as He requests.  I shall obey, if that is what Master desires.”

Needless to say… instead he sent my first task.  Which was to stop cumming until he gave me permission to do so.  Which made me a bit nervous, as I just made him be chaste for an entire month.  I had been in self-denial for the week prior to this, but fortunately I had just cummed a few times before this happened.

After establishing this as the first task, I further added, “I bet you are enjoying me being at your Mercy, Master.”

“It feels so good!  Have fun not cumming slave and know that I cummed a large amount today :)”

“You deserve all that wonderful cum, Master.  I am not worthy until you say so.”

More as this each Saturday as it develops… and that will include pics and video.

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