Lost Super Bowl Bet, Part 2

After losing a bet with my former cyber slave SBS_justin, I now find myself calling him Master Justin, and awaiting my second task after being told to remain chaste…

For his second task, he went more of the humiliation route, and ordered me to do something that he himself had been interested in:  To trim either my or my BF’s toenails and put the clippings on my tongue.  I had to send a pic to him as proof, as I had forced him for over a year.

I told him, “It will be my pleasure to taste my toenails.  And very humiliating.  Thank you for making me be your slave, Master!”

Well, he certainly was enjoying his new status.  I got this message back:  “No problem slave.  By the end of it you may be begging to be my slave forever.  And make sure you blog about me getting my revenge and really humiliating you.”

And here we are.  Now, when I was asking him if I could mention that this was SBS_justin doing this to me, he told me, “…do NOT refer to me as sbs Justin it is Master Justin from no in!  Am I a slut bitch slave [which is what the SBS refers to –TFG]?  No you are and as punishment for your mistake u have to kiss your shoes and send a pic.”

“I will humbly and gratefully obey your embarrassing punishment, Master Justin.”

Sent this as soon as I could:  “Here I am enduring my just punishment, Master.  I dug my face deep into each shoe to breathe in all the shoe stink I could.”

Master Justin:  “…You have done well slave!  Can’t wait to see your other pics.”

slave TFG:  “Here you go Master.  As you demanded.  It was gross, but I was turned on because I knew you would be.”

The first two pics are before trimming.

After trimming.

My humiliating punishment.

slave TFG:  “And to make up for my tardiness, I even videoed myself swallowing them.  I couldn’t do the big toenails, but I did all the other 8.”

Master Justin:  “Omg slave how humiliating!!! A 24 year old just made you swallow your own toenails hahahahahahahahaha!  This revenge is awesome.  I’m hard right now from that pic and can’t wait to shoot a load watching the video hahaha!!!”

slave TFG:  “Thank you for putting me in my place, Master!  I’m even more embarrassed now that you put it that way, but it’s what a pathetic slave like me deserves!  I hope Master has shot a cream load of his God-like cum while watching his pitiful slaves’ video.  It would be my honor to see your Master juice splattered all over yourself while I suffer in chastity.”

Master Justin:  “Oh u will salve when I am ready for you too.  I am kinda reconsidering chastity being a task.  Shouldn’t it go without saying that a slave should be chaste??  U forced me to be for weeks and weeks and I saw u had just cummed prior to our bet on twitter.”

slave TFG:  “You are extremely cruel, Master.  I had no idea you were checking my twitter.  🙁  But I do deserve to be monitored.  And yes, I agree, chastity is the norm for a slave, not a task.  Therefore I humbly await your second task, Master Justin.”

Seems like this story will be going on a bit longer…

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