Lost Super Bowl Bet, Part 3

So far:  I am still chaste, and I’ve already eaten a few of my toenails.  I’m awaiting my 2nd task of three, but Master Justin has a bit to say to me first…

“It’s amazing and hilarious how fast u slipped from the Master role to the slave role where u really belong…. As for task two I have an idea.  I seem to remember u made me put a piece of bread in my sock and have in there all day and then eat it and film it so I guess what u r gonna do tomorrow slave?”

On a side note… this is in fact a task I made him do.  And he did film it for me, but for privacy reasons, I won’t be posting it.  Nor will I be posting the full video of me doing it.  But there will be some stills.

slave TFG:  “You must be relishing in this revenge, Master.”

“All ready, Master”

 “This feels sick already.  :/”

“Bread bulge in my socks”

“God, this is so embarrassing and disgusting, Master.  You were a very brave and dedicated slave to put yourself through this.  It already feels gross, and the day is just beginning.  It will be horrible to eat this later, Master.”

Master Justin:  “Very good job slave!!! I am impressed…. Can’t wait for you to taste the foot bread.  I remember I didn’t want to eat bread for a long time afterwards but yes I was brave for doing this for you I’m glad u appreciate that”

Well, I went a bit above and beyond when finally eating the bread.  And let’s just say it was very, very humiliating.  I have a video for you below.

Note:  it does have some choppy editing towards the end where a bit too much of my face would show.

 Master Justin:  ” [Saw] the video.  It was disgusting slave but you deserved it, didn’t you?  U have done well with these tasks but I have done so much more for you I will really have to think of the last one.  Don’t think u r fooling me by begging for it slave I know u just want to be free ASAP”

Sadly, real life intervened for the next couple of days (work, school, and minor health issues–you know how that flu is going around), so we had a brief interruption.  But Master Justin wasn’t quite done with me yet…

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