Day: March 23, 2013

Lost Super Bowl Bet, Part 4

“Good Morning, Master!  I am tape gagged with this message as I type this.  My dick is hard, aching, and full of cum, but i will deny myself the pleasure in your honor.  I await your next task so I can be an excellent slave to you, Master!”

As we will see next week to finish this out, my final task for him turned out more humiliating that I could have ever imagined…

Then again, it could be delayed even further.  I have a video to upload, and be cause of semi-naughty content, it needs to be uploaded to Xtube.  But for some reason, it just doesn’t want to do it.  So as soon as I get it uploaded, I’ll let you know.  Until then, there may be a delay in the final chapter of this adventure.  Stay tuned, it won’t be forgotten!