TFG Thoughts: Self-Denial

So lately I’ve been exploring self-denial as a form of chastity.

It’s obviously not nearly as intense as being locked up.  There’s nothing like actually feeling owned & locked up, having your cock almost literally taken away from you and you can’t do anything about it.  That said, I feel simple self-denial does have it’s own advantages and uses.

Personally, I can’t wear a chastity belt during the week.  Partially, the uniform I wear at my work would very likely reveal too much.  And it could get in the way… my work has some certain physical aspects to it.  As much as I love chastity, I’d rather keep my job.  Perhaps this is a circumstance unique to me, but I’m sure there must be others who worry about detection at work or other non-kinky social situations.  Self-denial can alleviate that.

A major advantage is that it’s completely free.  Those chastity belts cost quite a bit.  This costs nothing.

Now, with very little investment and creativity, one could also jerry-rig a basic device.  Some options include tying an ankle sock over it, tying up the cock against itself or to the balls with a rope or shoelace (perhaps in a similar way seen here and below), or wearing a jock or other very tight fitting underwear that keeps your cock in place.  It won’t prevent a hard on (in fact, some of these may encourage it), but it will keep you dick in place, and the tightness may be a reminder to you that it’s hands off.  Combinations of these could even be more effective.  (And if you have other ideas or suggestions, comment below or email me!)

I imagine this could be done with a shoelace.

Another low cost option.  May not be very effective practically, but it can help with the psychological effect.

It does take a great deal of trust and self-determination.  It’s the rare slave that if you order them not to cum without actually locking themselves up, they will actually do it.  Although they do exist.  Don’t underestimate self-determination, or the ability for a great slave to follow orders.  Witness this post from Fossil9 where he puts a slave in predicament bondage without directly restraining him.  It does cause its own unique brand of mental torture, if they are a true slave:  they want to please their Master, and they want to please themselves.  But if they’re a trustworthy slave, they know their Master’s needs are greater, and they will abstain.  If you’ve got that situation, BINGO.  Because their dick is right there, and yet they know they can’t have it.  In a way, it’s almost worse for them.  You can be even more cruel and allow themselves to stroke it, provided they don’t cum.  Which has the potential to be the world’s longest edging session, stretching out over days, weeks, or more, if you have that good of a rapport with your slave.

The obvious problem is that it leaves a bit too much to temptation, and it’d be easy for the slave (or yourself, should you do it to yourself like I have) to break your word.  But I also realize that the longer I can go without cumming, the better the sex or play will be later on.  So it’s for my own good, and I find that reason alone often enough to abstain.  Left to my own devices, I’d be cumming at least once a day, if not more, for the last 20 years of my life.  But it was getting more difficult for me to maintain an erection with my BF, because unless he stimulated me in exactly the way I needed, I wouldn’t be able to stay hard.  It’s like I was cumming too much, and taking it for granted.  And let’s also add that my solo endeavors were not exactly edging… I could go from unzipping to creamy white cum in less than two minutes.  Now, I look much more forward to saving myself for my BF.

So is it for everyone?  Maybe not.  But I certainly think it’s worth a try.  The worst that can happen is you shoot an even bigger load later, so what’s to lose?  It may not have the same psychological impact as actually being locked up, but it certainly has it’s place.

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