Month: April 2013

A preview of what’s to come when I return

So I keep teasing you with some very hot pics that I have.  Well, to prove it to you, I’m going to post a select few, just to keep you dick nice and hard while I finish up all my work.  Some of these sets have about 40 pics in them.  It’s a mix of original content of my own, and reader submissions.  Either way, it’s all original, and guaranteed to make you shoot.

Preview #1

Toe Tied Twink #1

Can we now say Toe Tied Twink #2?

 Ticklish Twink #1 + Ticklish Twink #2/ Tied Together =Fun for All

Twink #1 + Twink #2 + Double Duty Gag = Even More Fun for All

This set will have over 40 pics between the two twinks, each alone and together.  They were both into bondage and tickling, and it was everybody’s first time at a group scene.  Quite an experience…

Preview #2

Twink #3:  Kiss my feet, slave.

In my clutches, ready for abuse.

Twink #3 is more of a lycra guy.  Because of that, many of these pics may appear in my Captured Heroes blog.

Roll over, pup…

This set will also have almost 40 pics, but many of them ill be presented at my other blog, so that the lycra/gear people can have their fun, too.

Preview #3

Could this be yours truly in his first vac cube experience?
I can’t stand it…

Do the feet give it away?

I’ll keep this one mysterious… but there are about well over 30 pics to this set as well.

As you can see, it’ll all be worth the wait!  I also have some other very hot reader submissions to post that I didn’t even get to here!  As well as a new cyber slave that’ll soon be publicly humiliated here as well. Where else can you get some much new content without paying for it?

Even more news

I was starting to doubt it’d ever happen, but it seems has returned!  And yes, there is a free option, it’s just a bit buried. When you sign up and see the payment window at the end, look for the small text that says “No thanks”, and you’ll get the free version.

Go make a profile, cross you toes, and let’s see what happens…

UPDATE:  After little more than 48 hours being live, the site already has over 200 members.  Who knows, this may actually work.

Link & Life Updates

The bondage board Dude-Caps has been relocated.  Now visit it here:

While we’re at it, I thought I’d again mention that All American Kinkster is now a tumblr, here:

I’ve updated both of these links here at the blog at the left sidebar and on the Links page.

Things have continued to be extremely busy with me, but also extremely positive.  This is a pretty awesome time in my BF and my lives, and I’m very lucky to be with him.  But I’ll still need some time away from here for the time being.

But to keep you around, I should be having a very sexy preview this upcoming weekend.  So don’t go too far.

Can anyone ID this pic?

So I’ve been cleaning out around my place, and I ran across this old pic I got nearly 20 years ago.  A local gay store (Drakes in West Hollywood, for those who remember–it’s no longer there anymore) sold a variety of gay items ranging from gifts, novelties, porn, lube, and a small selection of kink gear. 

On a side rack, they also had a good postcard collection.  In my lean and have-no-money college years, I bought a few and framed them to create low budget art in my apartment.  I scanned it and am posting it below.

Unfortunately, the scan came out a bit grainy and with an “instagramed” look, when the real image is considerably sharper.  The color is a bit off here too–it’s more of a classically shaded black & white, and not this semi-greenish tone you see here.  But you get the idea, and you see the obvious reasons I liked it, even back in the days where I was just beginning to explore and acknowledge my kinky side.  Even then, I was very turned on by the hint of sexy and meaty toes shown (which are much sharper and clearer in the original postcard).  To be honest, I perhaps hadn’t even fully acknowledged it much at all at the time, but it certainly was pretty good foreshadowing to where I’d end up kink-wise.
It’s a pretty hot pic, right?  Here’s the big problem:  I know nothing about it.  The back of the postcard does have this info:
Photo Laurent Delhourme
Mannequin . Philippe Gaulandi
Armed with this, you think it’d be easy to just google this stuff, right?  Well, I have, and this image does not show up anywhere.  Googling the Laurent Delhourme name only gets me a underwater sea life photographer.  The second name gets me a cyclist.  No hint of this image, or anything like it, as far as I can tell.  There is a UPC code on the back, and I even tried to scan this with an iPhone scanning app, but no matching product can be found.
Does anyone have any insight, info, or leads to help me find out more about this pic?  Please comment below or email me!
*     *     *

Other updates

I did just see on Metalbond’s blog that if you’ve been looking for Mr. Kristofer’s blog, he’s now moved to a tumblr.
Also, I’ve done a bit of updating to my Recon profile.  Been getting a bit of attention there lately, even before this update, so I imagine I may hear from quite a few of you!  Take a look around and enjoy.
I’m sure you’re wondering when I’ll be returning with regular posts.  It’ll still be a week or two, but I will have some very, very awesome original content coming your way.  If I get a chance, I will try to put up a post of some preview pics, so you can see for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise.
In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter, email me, or shop around for some new gear!  And hey, maybe you can makes this a bit of a game for yourself… see if you can remain chaste until I post.  Will you be able to make it?  Because I know I’ll want you to shoot a massive load when I do start posting again.  It’ll be worth it, slave.  🙂

Big step forward: Blog on pause

If you’ve been reading a few of my recent Sunday posts, I’ve been mentioning how busy I am.  Part of the reason I’ve been so busy lately is that my BF and I are taking a very big personal step forward in our relationship.  Now, in the interest of maintaining some privacy (especially his), I won’t go into further detail.  But it marks a very exciting and positive time for us.

So far, I’ve been able to keep the blog active during this time, but that’s not going to be as easy soon.  Since we’re prioritizing other things, the blog may take a back seat for a while.

I will try to get back to the blog as soon as get through this hectic period.  I do plan to return, so don’t panic.  🙂  I expect a downtime of about 1-3 weeks.  Keep checking back often, I may try to put up a post here and there.  You won’t want to stay too far away, because I do have some amazing original pics on the way.  And many involve twinks tied up and barefoot.  (Oddly, Restwalker is also taking a small break.  Coincidental, I assure you, but amusing to me nevertheless.)

In the meantime, I’d suggest following my twitter to get the latest updates. 

Thanks for your understanding!

TFG Lost Superbowl Bet, Part 5: Limited Time Only!

Okay, I know it’s been a long time since the Super Bowl.  In case you forgot what else has been done, you can see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

I’ll get to the chase below.  I’ll discus why there’s been such a long delay afterwards, and I also explain why this video may not be posted for long–so view it while you can.

Basically, Master Justin became caught up in other, real life obligations.  So I wanted to give him a gift, and humiliate myself as best I could in his honor.  Since we’re both becoming interested in piss play, I thought that would be a good avenue to explore.

Getting inspired by a few other videos I’ve seen, I decided to piss my underwear.  Then remove it, and gag myself with it.

As it turns out, I accidentally farted twice as I did so, adding greatly to my humiliation.  This turns out to be the most embarrassing thing I have ever done, so I hope it pleased Master Justin a great deal.

*     *     *

So why the delay?  And why will this video only be up for a limited time?

Partly it was real life obligations (with both myself and Master Justin).  Mostly it was technical problems getting this video uploaded.  As much as I tried getting it uploaded to Xtube, it just wouldn’t work.  Apparently my video editing program has some sort of codex that isn’t compatible to their uploading system.

So for the time being, it’s on YouTube.  But honestly, while there is no explicit nudity at all, it is sort of implied.  So this probably doesn’t exactly fit their “community standards”.  I know this with a fair amount of certainty, because I just saw a channel that had a video nearly exactly like this (minus the gagging part) get their channel suspended. 

As a result, this video is currently unlisted, which means it can’t be seen unless you know the link.  Even so, I will probably taken this down in a week or two.  And I will take it down even sooner if I notice a single “thumbs down” vote, as that’s what can start YouTube investigating to shut down a channel.  So view the video now while you still can.

In case the video is already gone, or you just want pics, here’s a few caps of the highlights to entertain you.