Day: April 13, 2013

TFG Lost Superbowl Bet, Part 5: Limited Time Only!

Okay, I know it’s been a long time since the Super Bowl.  In case you forgot what else has been done, you can see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

I’ll get to the chase below.  I’ll discus why there’s been such a long delay afterwards, and I also explain why this video may not be posted for long–so view it while you can.

Basically, Master Justin became caught up in other, real life obligations.  So I wanted to give him a gift, and humiliate myself as best I could in his honor.  Since we’re both becoming interested in piss play, I thought that would be a good avenue to explore.

Getting inspired by a few other videos I’ve seen, I decided to piss my underwear.  Then remove it, and gag myself with it.

As it turns out, I accidentally farted twice as I did so, adding greatly to my humiliation.  This turns out to be the most embarrassing thing I have ever done, so I hope it pleased Master Justin a great deal.

*     *     *

So why the delay?  And why will this video only be up for a limited time?

Partly it was real life obligations (with both myself and Master Justin).  Mostly it was technical problems getting this video uploaded.  As much as I tried getting it uploaded to Xtube, it just wouldn’t work.  Apparently my video editing program has some sort of codex that isn’t compatible to their uploading system.

So for the time being, it’s on YouTube.  But honestly, while there is no explicit nudity at all, it is sort of implied.  So this probably doesn’t exactly fit their “community standards”.  I know this with a fair amount of certainty, because I just saw a channel that had a video nearly exactly like this (minus the gagging part) get their channel suspended. 

As a result, this video is currently unlisted, which means it can’t be seen unless you know the link.  Even so, I will probably taken this down in a week or two.  And I will take it down even sooner if I notice a single “thumbs down” vote, as that’s what can start YouTube investigating to shut down a channel.  So view the video now while you still can.

In case the video is already gone, or you just want pics, here’s a few caps of the highlights to entertain you.