Day: April 28, 2013

A preview of what’s to come when I return

So I keep teasing you with some very hot pics that I have.  Well, to prove it to you, I’m going to post a select few, just to keep you dick nice and hard while I finish up all my work.  Some of these sets have about 40 pics in them.  It’s a mix of original content of my own, and reader submissions.  Either way, it’s all original, and guaranteed to make you shoot.

Preview #1

Toe Tied Twink #1

Can we now say Toe Tied Twink #2?

 Ticklish Twink #1 + Ticklish Twink #2/ Tied Together =Fun for All

Twink #1 + Twink #2 + Double Duty Gag = Even More Fun for All

This set will have over 40 pics between the two twinks, each alone and together.  They were both into bondage and tickling, and it was everybody’s first time at a group scene.  Quite an experience…

Preview #2

Twink #3:  Kiss my feet, slave.

In my clutches, ready for abuse.

Twink #3 is more of a lycra guy.  Because of that, many of these pics may appear in my Captured Heroes blog.

Roll over, pup…

This set will also have almost 40 pics, but many of them ill be presented at my other blog, so that the lycra/gear people can have their fun, too.

Preview #3

Could this be yours truly in his first vac cube experience?
I can’t stand it…

Do the feet give it away?

I’ll keep this one mysterious… but there are about well over 30 pics to this set as well.

As you can see, it’ll all be worth the wait!  I also have some other very hot reader submissions to post that I didn’t even get to here!  As well as a new cyber slave that’ll soon be publicly humiliated here as well. Where else can you get some much new content without paying for it?