Month: May 2013

TFG Updates

So by now you should have noticed I’ve returned.  It is possible there still may be a gap in posting here and there, but I would expect fairly regular updates again for the most part.

I won’t go into to much detail, but I will say that work for me was extremely busy and hectic for an extended period.  I also had a rather large change in my personal life.  But a positive one.  Because my BF doesn’t want me reveal too much of myself, I can’t really share much here.  However, I will say that I do now find myself in a different part of Los Angeles on a bit of land that we actually now own–which marks a significant evolution in our relationship.  It’s been great, but it’s also taken up a lot of my time.

We’re getting things settled now, and my work is beginning to enter a calm stage again.  The whole time, though, I’ve been collecting pics, so while I go through some old posts I’ve had sitting around for a while, there will be a lot of new and current stuff coming up.

I also want to thank all of your for your support.  I continue to get messages from people telling me how much they enjoy the blog, and I thank you for that.  Especially when it’s coming from very hot and young twinks.

Reader Contribution: cls1234

So I have quite a few reader contributions to catch up on.  Some time ago, I got to post some hot gear bondage pics of this guy to my other blog.  This time, the emphasis is more on feet and bondage, so I’m posting a second set of his here.  Looks like a great time!

I’ll have to remember this position to try out on a few guys into tickling…

Love this very hot predicament bondage!  Looks like he’s not going anywhere, and his face is forced close to his feet.  Pure agony…

The Horror

Horror movies are fast becoming a way to get guys tied up.  I mean, who can forget the classic scene in the original Hostel?  And many seem to be in various states of undress.  Now, a few to meet rather unpleasant demises.  But it was kinda sexy in a fictitious, disturbing way.  As long as it’s all make-believe, it’s okay by me.

The ABC’s of Death.  This is L is for Libido.

From a Lifetime (!) movie called The Trainer.
Evan Peters, American Horror Story

All the following pics came from Boundit.  These are from Wrong Turn 5.  For some reason, two guys are offed while barefoot in underwear.  This is the greatest movie ever.  Well, not really, but it certainly had it’s moments.  😉

These are from a film called Hansel & Gretel Get Baked.