I’m still here… barely

Sorry I still haven’t gotten around to regular updates.  Work continues to be bad.  I’m about to put in 8-10 hours today, plus 3-4 hours tomorrow.  And, uh, it’s the weekend if you haven’t noticed.  And I worked 10 hour days all last week, and I get to look forward to 10-12 hour days next all next week.

The good news is that not long after that, things should be calming a bit.  So updates will be returning, I promise.  Hopefully about the middle of the month?

In the meantime, if you didn’t know already, FootGuys.net went down for a bit due to overwhelming member response… but it is now back up and running.  If you ask me, that’s a good problem for them to have, so I think it’s a good sign for the site.

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