Day: June 2, 2013

Reader Contribution: Straight Play

Seems I’m really touching a few nerves with straight guys.  I got this email below (names changed):

Uh hey there sir. I’m so not good in this and I feel pretty awkward, but I still try. I’m Jake, 19yo, college stud from [location redacted]. I saw your blog, and I can say I got turned on by boys feet and such slave things. Im straight and Iam not interested in dicks at all but feet just.. I don’t know. lately I’m sniffing my roommates socks and it gives me boner all the time. so I like uhm want you to give me some orders maybe. it’s pretty weird though I asking this.

I replied as follows.

Hey guy!  Thanks for writing.  What an interesting request.  You do sound a bit nervous right now, so I’ll go slowly.

You did come to the right place in that I’m not interested in your dick, having a monogamous relationship.  It is hot to hear your get hard from sniffing socks, and perhaps slave things.  I do understand it may be odd for you, so if you feel uncomfortable, then don’t do it.  Go slowly if you like.

Do you smell your own feet or socks?  Try licking your foot and jerking off at the same time, if it gets you hard.  Or wearing a sock (yours, or if you can sneak it, your roomates) sock down your underwear, maybe ever over your dick for a day.  Then jerk off smelling them afterwards.

You know, I’m in Los Angeles myself.  But don’t worry, we don’t have to meet or anything, unless you’d actually be interested it.  However, if you do want to lick some real feet, mine are available.  Also, are you interested in bondage at all?  It’d be awesome for you to tie up your feet and send me pics.  Straight slave.  🙂

Guess I hit a nerve, because within 24 hours, I got this back:

Thanks for your answer, to be honest it made me hard.. Id love if you teach me some things how to be a slave even online. Today when I heading to school I will wear one of my roommate’s socks, after he always leave them everywhere, it’s pretty smelly though and yes I already sniffed mine.

As if that weren’t enough, check out this other email that arrived the same day as the one above.

Hey there! My name is Justin, I’m 18 years old. I always read your blog, it’s great.
I have my best friend, Rich, who is straiught but he says as well this stuffs kinda gets him horny. Like being dominated, men feet smell, etc.I wondered if you can give me any tips, to teach him a lesson or somehting like that 😉 I hope you are not too busy,

I gave the following reply:

What an interesting and unusual request!  So has your friend Rich seen the blog as well?  Does it seem interesting to him?

There’s really no major right or wrong answers here (and I’m going to assume your friend Rich is also over 18).  But if this is new to him (and perhaps Doming is new to you), start slowly.  Here’s a sample scenario.  Feel free to adjust it to what interests both you and him.

Have him sit on the floor at your feet, while you sit in a chair or a bed, higher than him.  Tell him to take a close look at your shoes.  Examine every inch.  Even kiss them.  If he’s into being Dominated, have him thank you for the honor of kissing his shoes.  (Depending on him comfort level, that may either be really hot for him, or make him laugh and break the moment.  You won’t know until you try.  If you’re not sure, skip it and come back to it if you feel he’s really getting into things.)

Have him remove your shoes, and give your socked feet a massage.  Order him to smell them.  You can have him lie on his back, and rubbed and kneed your socked feet into his face.  Cover his face with both socked feet.  Have him remove your socks.  Slowly.  Perhaps tease him with your foot slowly… for example, have him only expose your heel, and have him kiss and/or smell that.  Then the sole.  Finally the toes.  If he’s really feeling it, have him take off your socks with his mouth (or you can save that for a future session–you don’t have to give away all the good tricks at once, lol).

Once both feet are bare, have him massage them.  Have him sniff them.  Kiss them.  Every inch.  Tease your toes into his mouth.  Once at a time, and then maybe all of them.  Have him lick your feet.  Get them wet, and wipe them all over his face.  If you feel brave, you can put one foot on his crotch and see if he’s enjoying it.  Depending on his level of comfort, he may get into that, or it may overwhelm him.  Once he’s done, you can have him get on all fours, prop your feet on his back, and use him as a foot rest.  Watch some TV with him like that.  Every once in a while, have him suck on your toes or foot.  When satisfied, get up and have him crawl around after you.  Have him put your socks and shoes back on, and thank you for the honor.

Do keep in mind his comfort level.  He may get really into it.  Some of it may be too much for him.  If you sense him being uncomfortable or unsure, back off, or even point blank ask him if he likes it.  It does have to be a two way street, and if he’s straight, he may have some very set limits.  It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to discuss what he would or would not like beforehand.  Some straight guys wouldn’t mind jerking themselves off as this happens.  Others would extremely uncomfortable.  I would say if you’re not sure, go slowly.  I mentioned a lot of things that could be done at a later date if it goes well.  If it doesn’t go well, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to discuss it a day or two afterwards, and see what he liked and didn’t like.  If he thinks he wants more, let me know, and I can give you more ideas, such as bondage and/or gagging.

Best of luck to you.  Let me know how it goes!  I can’t lie, I got a bit hard as I wrote it all.  Hope you did too.  🙂

Well, the next day, he had the following report.

Thanks for your long answer!!
I showed him the blog yes, and I could notice he got hard. It was nice to see him embarassed 😀

Hes over 18, he’s 20, he is new into it, as I am new in doming too, yes
I didn’t really want wait, so a couple hours ago I started it. and OH MY GOD. I can’t believe it, but it was a great feeling. I asked him if he remembers he said, he got kind of hard by these things, he said yes. I don’t know if I was right, but at this moment I told him  take off his shoes and socks. First he was just staring at me and I said something like “we can have some fun.” then he did it. I kind of ordered him to sniff his own socks, and he did without any hesitating. I didn’T think he’d do that. I even told him to sit on the floor and he didn’t ask why, just did. I made him sniff his shoes along with his socks, then I took off one of my shoes and socks and asked the same. At the end I told him to smell my bare foot. he did :D:D I didn’t ask him to lick yet, that could be next. I even told him to thank it and by hard gulping, he said “thank you” then went to bathroom, I guess to jerk off. After that we just continued the movie we watched. I am really rock hard now like all day. Thank you for reading it though I don’t know if you care 😛

Oh, I care a lot, as you can see.  What a hot little story!  So glad I can assist in helping to bring straight men to their knees in front of male feet.  Like they deserve.

Sadly, I haven’t heard back from either of these guys in a while, despite trying to follow up.  If you’re out there, feel free to write me back and let me know how things are going now!