Day: June 13, 2013

Drake Bell — Sploosh!

Okay, he was on a reality show recently called Splash, but I think Sploosh better describes how I feel when I see him half naked.  Surprisingly, for being a show about diving, there were very few pics of his feet.  I managed to snap a pic or two of my TV screen of a few of the better opportunities.  A bit low-budget, but it’s the best I can do.

In any case, Drake, I know you’re straight and I believe have a girlfriend… but if you need anyone to clean off those feet of yours, you let me know.

The pit lovers should enjoy this one.

My own “low-budget” screen caps.

On a slight trivia note, I’ve actually seen Drake Bell in person.  I was in a restaurant in Los Angeles, and he was sitting in the booth straight across from me.  I would have had a direct view of him if my BF wasn’t in the way.  Sometimes he can be such a pest.  😛