Day: June 23, 2013

Bondage & Kink at Disneyland

So some of you may know that I’m quite the geek in many respects. Disneyland is one of them. And after a recent visit there, it dawned on me that there’s actually quite a bit of kink there, if you just know where to look. So I thought I’d try to list as many (gay/male) kink and bondage elements to the park that I can find.

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Various skeletons, townspeople tied and tortured (waterboarded)

  • Walt Disney World bound twink soldier

When I first saw this, it left quite the indelible memory.  It was a life size, animatronic blonde twink soldier, tied upright to a chair, with a cleave gag wrapped around his mouth.  As if that weren’t enough, his head moved around (slowly, granted), as if trying to shake off the gag.  In my mind, there is even a “mmmpphing” soundtrack in the background, but I freely admit it may have been of my own creation.

Believe me, I searched high and low for a high quality pic of this, but to no avail.  All I cold find was this video.  It’s not of great quality.  The part you’d want to see is a bit blurry and in the background, but it may still be worth viewing… he shakes his gagged head back and forth, which is a pretty sexy detail, especially for Disney.  It starts at about 7:52.

If anyone has any higher quality video or imagery from this, please send it my way!  This one has been very elusive to me, but was also the sexiest one.

Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

  • A captain gets imprisoned, and is shackled to the wall of his cave prison.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures

  • The Wicked Queens dungeon area.  The main part of the ride.  If you ever go on the ride, you realize it’s nearly all about the Wicked Queen, and you spend nearly 1/3 of the ride going through her dungeon area, where you see scenes like the ones depicted below.

Splash Mountain

  • For our furrie friends, Brer Rabbit gets tied up (and gunged, if you want to stretch it a bit)

Stuck in honey ooze

Captain Eo 

  • I believe Michael Jackson gets handcuffed. In another scene, while not really true bondage, he gets very briefly wrapped up in some rope lassos around his waist.  I don’t have any pics of it.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle 

  • In a dungeon scene, there are clearly instruments of torture displayed. There seems to be two racks, and an iron maiden.  They’re in miniature, but there’s no mistaking what they are.

Monsters, Inc.

  • Okay, this is technically Disney’s California Adventure, not Disneyland proper, but close enough.  I mean, how many of us foot guys have dreamt about a product like this?

Various locations:

  • @ropeboy87, aka Cody, found this sign in Toontown, which has a double meaning.
  • Metalbond posted these pics a while ago (at his hold site!) of a large handcuff display that turns out to be from a Magic Shop window on Main Street.

Know of any others?  Send ’em my way!