Month: July 2013

Sexting with fartlove08

So I do allow a few slaves and contacts into my inner circle and text them.  And every once in a while I get ornery and tease the hell out of them.

A bit of background about fartlove08:  while he does enjoy feet and being a slave, as his name suggests, he really gets off on the smell of farts.  Now to be honest, I don’t know if I’m into that as a sub.  But as a Dom, I do totally get it as a fairly ultimate form of humiliation, and I approach it as such.  To that end, I do enjoy the idea of it quite a bit.  Oh, and he also has a weakness for being called a pig or piggy.  Of course, I use it all the time when I want my way with him.

I begin the conversation, and my texts are in blue and are to the right.  His texts are in gray and to the left.  I did have his permission to share this.  In fact, he finds this a bit of a turn on to be publicly humiliated like this–the kinky fucker.  (The check marks by the texts just indicate the message was received, nothing exciting.)

(Note:  “carton” was supposed to be “farting”.  Damn autocorrect.)

Ha, I’m a bit arrogant at the end, but you have to admit, it was hot.  🙂  We really let go, because to be honest, we are both in long term, monogamous relationships (not to mention like 2,500 miles away from each other), and we both know it.  So it was oddly a bit freeing to text like this knowing it would never really happen should we meet.  Some of you may find that strange, but it works for us.  And not all of our texts are that sexy.  Turns out we have other non-kinky interests in common, but we won’t get into that here.  😉

TFG Thoughts: Long Term, Monogamous Kinky Relationships

So an old post by tallglassofoj on his blog got me thinking about how many of us have successful, longer term kinky relationships.  Off the top of my head, I can think of Fossil9 and TOIL.  I don’t know Kai very well, but based on his tweets, he seems to have a pretty kinky LTR.  And of course, there’s me.

I’m sure there are many, many more.  But here’s the interesting part… not many of them (that I’m aware of) are monogamous.  Most of them seem fairly open, at least to a certain degree.  There’s a lot of play with various people, and with various degrees of interaction.

Kinky monogamy seems pretty elusive.  Maybe as much, as the joke goes, as “gay black republicans”.  But is a long term, monogamous kinky relationship a possible thing?  Or a desirable thing?

I began thinking about this further when talking with my favorite cyber slave.  As I’ve grown to know him, we’ve become friends as well.  And he expressed to me that he doesn’t know if he wants to be a full time slave, or be in a long term relationship (or at least have dates).

This raised a good point with even myself.  I am in a very happy, long term relationship.  And I’d call it monogamous.  We’re fairly kinky, but I do have to admit that with my BF, it’s more bondage only.  He’s not all into feet (although he’ll humor me), and he’s really not into slave play, humiliation, Master/Dom, gunge.  So those parts of me go unfulfilled.  He begrudgingly does let me play with others, although I have to 1) tell him about it, 2) not have it happen often, and 3) not have actual sex.  As in, my dick remains in my pants.  Believe it or not, but I’m actually fine with all those conditions.  It is pretty rare that I do meet with others for play, and I have stayed within those guidelines every time.

It seems to be a problem on both sides of the fence.  A lot of kinky guys that you’d see on the sites are more about the experience of playing with others, sometimes as many as possible.  I get the sense a lot of gay kinksters have a circle of friends that all interact with each other.  They’re not looking for long term with any one person.  But some people, even kinky ones, may crave a long term partner.  At the same time, if you’re on a vanilla, more romantic and traditional “dating” site, how and when do you broach the topic that you’re into kink?  And what are the chances that the person you date even has the same or compatible kinks as you?  If they don’t, is that a deal breaker to the relationship?

In this day and age, you could question if a monogamous relationship is even meaningful to you.  There are certainly a lot of gay couples that have open relationships, even more so in the kink community, where slaves often get shared between Masters.  While it does work for some, it can also cause distrust and resentment if you’re not careful about how you handle it.

For me, I wanted more of a long term partner.  I found mine on a vanilla dating site (, to be honest), and after two dates, it turned out we were also both kinky.  He also wanted a monogamous relationship.  I do play on rare occasions, but really, because of my infrequency and especially because of my “no sex” rule, do consider myself monogamous as well.

I suppose what I’m curious to know is that if I’m more of the exception in the kink community, or a rule.  I seem to lean towards the former based on what I see on other blogs, tumblrs, etc.  Are you in a monogamous kinky relationship?  If not, are you looking for one?

A few scenes

From TV, that is.  One is from the show The Client List, and has a shirtless Trevor Donovan.  Starts with shirtless bondage, and ends with some gunge play.  Note:  there is a woman in it.

These caps are taken from the site SuperheroFan, which is the quality place to go for shirtless male TV caps.

Secondly are some of my own.  Sadly, I don’t have a direct way to cap from TV, so I have to take pics of my screen.  But as I posted before, the movie Wrong Turn 5 has a lot of sexy, barefoot guys.  I took a few more “low-budget” caps of their feet.  Sorry for the poor quality, but it’s the best I could do.

Lastly, some pics of Freddie Highmore, from Bates Motel.  The first few pics are webfinds, the last few are again my own screen caps.  I did the best I could.

A bit of everything + Blog Update

The pics in this post are not related to each other in any way.  But I do find them all hot.

Normally, I’d post pics like this in my tumblr… but let’s face it, I spend most of my time here.

I do love the hotel aspects of this.  Treat  ’em like baggage…

What should a slave put in his mouth first?  The feet, toes, or used condom?

I love seeing a slave suffer under his own humiliation.  I also remember taping my own foot to my face plenty of times.

Interesting idea to be cuffed to the chastity…

There’s no bondage here, but there is definitely a sense of domination.   And the guys and feet are very sexy.

Uhhrrrgh…. this is one of my favorite fantasies.  To be bound (love mummification), and to be forced to service feet.

Generally not too into cowboys.  But if they’re young, and they have their boots off after a long day at work, I could be quite intrigued.
*     *     *

Oh, and a blog update.  I’ve been traveling a lot recently (and will be again), busy, and sick.  So I haven’t really done a lot of work on a new one yet.  However, I am finally working on getting the domain name transferred very soon, which means I can really start working on it.

I do have posts planned for most (though not all) days this week.  However, if some strange technical glitch occurs, I may not be around to fix it until next week at the earliest, since I’m leaving for another trip for the entire last half of the week.  Although with some luck, I may get to meet and tie up a person or two.  Cross your toes…

Fox & Hound

So if you follow my twitter, you already know this… but I got the privilege of meeting Tynan Fox recently!  Some of my travels took me his direction, and he was able to come up and show me around.

Now, some of the bad news… we did not get to play.  Meaning no one got tied up.  This was basically a social visit.  Still, I wasn’t one to argue.  Meeting him at all was still a thrill for me.  In a way, I’m sort of getting the reputation of the guy who meets kinksters but only talks to them (as I have with atlloki and TheUAJock).  I guess part of me does want to get to know them as person first.  It’s so fascinating to follow a person online for a number of years, and then actually see and interact with them in real life, and to put an actual voice and personality with the images and text.  Also, most of these have been just the circumstances… either I or they were on a time schedule, and there was no where private to go at the time.  So talk it is.

I’ve known Tynan online for a number of years, and am very aware and greatly respectful of his fantastic community outreach work in making kink and fetish more acceptable, mostly via public speaking in the college lecture circuit.  We’ve chatted a bit before, and we’ve always liked each other’s blogs.

I was in his area as part of a layover between flights, and he was generous enough to pick me up at the airport.  We grabbed a quick brunch, and visited the ever-so-cheesy-but-you-still-must-go-once Mall of America, which was nearby.  For those of you rolling your eyes (and somewhat legitimately), I was on a time table, and there’s not a lot of other options near the airport.  And to his credit, Tynan himself basically never goes either. So I have some extra appreciation for him putting up with it.  He was a great sport, and we even engaged in a cheesy tourist attraction while there.

I do have to say that meeting people like Tynan, who is kinky as all fuck, in a very vanilla setting is quite the surreal experience.  And while I was disappointed no one would get tied up, it was really just as cool to just get to know him better.  Since we both know quite a bit of the basics of each other from our online presense, we were able to just jump right into a wide variety of topics, some kinky, some not.  I can’t reveal everything, as we did share some personal tidbits with each other, but I can say that I was impressed how seriously and accomplished he is at his nursing job.  It is not a secret that he is a nurse… he mentions that often on his own blog.  I did ask him if anyone at his hospital has ever recognized his more kinky persona (the answer is no, but I image who ever is the first will be in for quite a shock!  Then again, if you are in the hospital, you may have other things on your mind).  Also not known:  he got to tape up a minor gay celebrity (and I will not reveal who, but it is pretty cool–and he’s generally not known as being specifically kinky).  And his business, Twin Cities Leather, while in an unforeseen patch now, was doing quite well, and hopes to return in fuller capacity as soon as they can.  In the meantime, if you’re in the area, they are open by appointment.  Just call ahead and ask.  And I believe you can still order online.  I am not an affiliate with them, so I do not profit from this in any way (suck it google), but I do think the information is good for others to know.

He dressed very casually in a very sexy form fitting shirt, plaid shorts, and flip flops.  (Of course.)  I sneaked a pic while he got some food, but I know he wouldn’t mind.  😉  At the moment, he’s also sporting a goatee and beard, and while that’s not normally my thing, it looked really hot on him.  And I’m not just saying that to be nice.  However, he did point out that now duct tape does not stick as well.  Ah, the problems of being a kinkster.  It was also fun to ask him about his opinions of other kinksters.  You know, gays gotta gossip a bit.  😀  And it turns out he’s a funny guy in general, more so than I would have expected!

And while we didn’t get to play per se, he did manage to find a few opportunities where he publicly hand gagged me.  On the surface it looked very “pal around” to the public at large, but believe me, I was caught off guard in a good way.  I rarely do or get hand gagged, but I forget how hot that is.  And at the restaurant, his feet did wander my way a couple of times, and let’s just say it’s been ages since I’ve played footsie.  He is such a fucking tease, and he’s going to hell, lol.

Finally, after walking the mall about 2 1/2 times, he (and I) had to go.  But before saying good bye, we snuck off to his car, he tossed off his flip flops, sat across the seat, and plopped his feet in my lap for a small massage.  Since it was still semi-public in the parking lot, it was mostly my hands, but I did get in a quick sniff and kiss or two.  Sadly, since it was early in the morning and he’d been wearing flip flops the whole time, there wasn’t much odor there.  But, ah, his feet are as sexy as you’d think.

For those of you who don’t know, his own foot fetish isn’t really a foot fetish.  He’s not really turned on by the look of a foot.  Like, if he stared at a picture of a foot, it wouldn’t do much for him.  But it’s the smell that gets to him.  He wrote more about his thoughts on the matter on his own blog, here’s a direct link to the post.  In any case, that’s why you don’t really see him having any profiles on the foot social sites.  As for me, well, I can jerk off to a picture of a foot just fine.  And I like the smell, too.  In fact, as I told him, if I were ever forced to choose between feet and bondage… I think I’d choose feet.  But to me, the two go hand in hand (or hand in foot.  Or foot in mouth.  Or… you get the idea).  He’s more the other way around, but both of us can very much appreciate being tied up and having a smelly foot shoved in our face… as a top or bottom.  So we’ll seriously need to find a room if we meet up again.

So this is just some of the interesting stuff that comes up when you chat with a kinkster for 3 1/2 hours.  It was a great time, and he really went out of his way to visit with me.  I greatly appreciate it.  And he did say I was quite sexy and would look great in duct tape.  I’m sure he says that to all the guys, but I’ll choose to believe it’s true.  🙂

A day at the museum

So I recently went to the Getty.  It’s a pretty famous museum out here in Los Angeles, set up on a hill.  It’s quite stunning even just architecturally and from a gardens point of view.  The exhibits can be hit and miss in my opinion, but are getting better (I’m just not very into older Greek, American, or European arts, which is it’s specialty.  I’m more of a modern sort of guy.)

Of course, being in sunny Southern California (SoCal for the locals), there’s a lot of flip flop action.  It was sometimes difficult to keep an eye on the intended artwork, but here’s a fun sample of sexy feet from just one day.

The ultra sexy feet and legs of this very tanned, brunette surfer started off my day.  I was lucky to get as many shots of him as I did.  I was quite happy.  His feet and toes are nearly an ideal proportion, shape, and thickness to me.  I wanted to suck, smell, and lick them so badly!

This was a taller, lanky short haired geeky guy.  But huge feet, for you size guys out there.  Only one pic, but it was memorable.

These next pics were the son(s) of a German couple.  The older son in the plaid shorts had the much cuter feet, IMO.  He shuffled around much of the day taking lots of pictures, and stretched his toes quite a bit.  Again, I was lucky to catch quite a few pics of him.

This next pic wasn’t actually at the museum… I ran off to grab lunch elsewhere.  But this blonde surfer college stud was awaiting me.

And to prove to you I did actually edu-makate myself and not just leer at male feet all day, here’s a pic of the famous museum gardens.  Those little specks are people, so that may give you a sense of scale of the grounds.