4th of July!

I actually don’t have too much related to this holiday, but as it turns out, I have a lot of hot and unrelated pics backed up.  So we’ll just consider it an “explosion” of random hotness, okay?

The only patriotic kinky image I have.  Thanks to AchillesHeel. 

Yer not going anywhere, guy…

Tickle those twink feet.  Make him squirm.

Proper storage of a slave when not in use.

Yummm… feet tied to face.  Heaven.

Dual predicament bondage?  I’m so there!

Fuck me with your big toe

Love this pic of this twink forced to smell his friend’s feet in the car.  The fact that the socks are so hideous only make it more embarrassing.

It’s been a hot summer, hasn’t it?  What better way to cool off with some ice cream.  Lick it up, boi…

By the way, I have been looking into various web hosting options.  Still trying to find the right one, but I do hope to be self-hosted in about a week or two.  I’ll try to post here and there, but don’t panic if the blog goes down for a bit, I do plan to be back.  Hopefully no more than a day or two unless I run into technical problems.  I’m not really a great programmer, so that may happen.  Keep checking in on my twitter for the latest info.

Of course, now that I’ll be self hosting, I may push the affiliates a bit more, as self hosting does cost me money. But I’m hoping it’ll be worth it for more freedom.  Also, if anyone knows of a good Donation site (aside from PayPal, which does not allow anything related to adult content), let me know.  I’d love to add it to help keep the blog going.

Oh, and I will have Part 2 of my Vac Cube series on Saturday.

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