The future of this blog

After the announced changes to the google blogger policy, I still feel it is a sign of them cracking down on adult blogs in general.  So after some thinking and advice, I will be working on getting this blog self-hosted, so I can have more freedom.  That could mean some down time, a period where things don’t work, and possibly another new look to the blog.  Now I’ll have to work with WordPress (which I have no experience with) and a hosting company (which I have very little experience with).  But I feel I should do it now, as I have some time to work on it–while later on may not be the case.  Also, this may mean this version of the site and all it’s pics may possibly be going away, so please take some time to go back and save whatever pics you like now before it’s too late.

I figure since I’m at it, I may do the same for Captured Heroes.  However, one thing that makes this easier is that I already own the domain name of TiedFeetGuy, so that won’t change (although if you are still linking from, you may eventually find the site gone… so be sure your link is updated).  I don’t own a domain name for Captured Heroes, and of course it’s already taken.  However, I believe I can find another name that will still work.

I’m hoping to have at least a working version up in a week or less (although maybe more if it turns out more difficult than I thought), with continued tinkering and fine tuning long after that, I’m sure.  I’m really not a great programmer, so there may be some bumps along the road.  Stay in touch with my twitter for the latest updates.

Now, before I go and work on this, I will have one final post here on Tuesday.  Not Monday, but Tuesday.  Why then?  Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.   But I do look to return, so keep checking in at!

See you at the new site!

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