Wow, Captured Heroes featured on Gay Demon!

So this was a nice little surprise.  My other gear related blog got featured on the “Editor’s Pick” section of GayDemon’s blog over the weekend!

I have to say, I’m quite honored.  Click here to read the review.  They did get a few details wrong… I’m in Southern California, not Northern (Los Angeles, to be exact), and I’m now 42 (although to their credit, I realized I had not updated that info).  But those are minor details.

With some luck, hopefully this blog will get “feet”ured there next!

There will be one more post tomorrow for a special reason mentioned then.  Then I may take a bit of time off to re-create and move the blog to a new server.  This will remain up as long as it can, but grab all the pics you can in case it “disappears” by either my hand in the move or google’s.

When I finally do get back up and running again, I suppose I should post a few sexy, original twink feet and bondage pics, shouldn’t I?  I previewed a few of them here.  More to cum once I get a new blog up and running.  Maybe as a test of loyalty, you shouldn’t jerk off until I return.  I’m sure a few of you are in chastity already.

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