Happy Birthday to the blog!

So today the blog turns 8 years old!  I know, can you believe it?  Let’s unwrap some gifts!  Or better yet, leave them tied to struggle a bit.

In honor of the occasion, I’m going to post a sampling of a few of my personal all-time favorite pics, that 1) haven’t been all over tumblr, and 2) weren’t sent to me privately.  Because I do have a few that I love quite a bit, but they weren’t meant to be shared.

Some of these pics are quite old, and are therefore quite small.

Good ‘ole Pasha.  He is sort of all over tumblr now, but he did first get started sharing his pics right here.  He was originally a TFG Exclusive, lol.  I have tried to contact him a few more times, but sadly I haven’t heard back from him.  But if you’re reading this, Pasha, and want to send me more pics, feel free.

Actually, to be honest, I do know he’s now posting his own pics on another site under a new profile name (but I won’t tell!  Although I think many of you have found it already).  Still, I’m honored to have gotten him his start.

Remember to check my post below about the upcoming plans for the blog.  Things will be changing.

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